Omar Abd al-Kafi

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Omar Abd al-Kafi
Born (1951-05-01) 1 May 1951 (age 68)
Minya, Egypt
EducationDoctoral degree in agricultural science
Master's degree in "Comparative Fiqh"
Known forHis books, lectures on TV
Children5 (ar)

Omar Abd al-Kafi follows the hanafi madh-hab (Arabic: عمر عبد الكافي‎) (born 1 May 1951) is an Egyptian writer, professor, Islamic theologian, and manager of (Dubai International Holy Quran Award Islamic Studies Center). He is famous in the Arab world. He wrote many Islamic books, he also made more than 3000 sound lectures and hundreds of TV lectures since the 1970s.[1]


He wrote dozens of books in Arabic, such as:[2]

  • The True Promise, (Arabic: الوعد الحق‎) .
  • Mind Your Tongue, (Arabic: أمسك لسانك‎) .
  • Urgent Messages to My Muslim Daughter, (Arabic: رسائل مستعجلة الى ابنتي المسلمة‎) .
  • Sins of the Tongue, (Arabic: آفات اللسان‎) .
  • The Doors of Goodness, (Arabic: أبواب الخير‎) .
  • This Is Our Religion, (Arabic: هذا ديننا‎) .
  • The Ethics of Muslim Man and Woman, (Arabic: خلق المسلم والمسلمة‎) .

On TV[edit]

He made hundreds of lectures on different TV channels, such as Iqraa TV & Al-Resalah TV.

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