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Ophir Beach

Coordinates: 42°32′59″N 124°23′39″W / 42.54983°N 124.39427°W / 42.54983; -124.39427
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Ophir Beach looking southward

Ophir Beach is an undeveloped sandy beach on the Oregon Coast seven miles north of Gold Beach in Curry County, United States.[1] It is more than 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) in length with the south end at Nesika Beach and the north end at a cape named the Devils Backbone.[2][3] The beach is bounded by U.S. Route 101 on the east. Euchre Creek flows westward to the ocean cutting through the northern third of the beach.[4]

There is a state maintained safety rest area at Ophir Beach with picnic tables and restrooms.[5]

This beach is sometimes referred to as Nesika Beach.[6]


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42°32′59″N 124°23′39″W / 42.54983°N 124.39427°W / 42.54983; -124.39427