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Opobo/Nkoro is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 4°34′5″N 7°33′10″E / 4.56806°N 7.55278°E / 4.56806; 7.55278
Country Nigeria
StateRivers State
 • Local Government ChairmanEnyiada Cooley-Gam (PDP)
 • Deputy Local Government ChairmanAngela Anthony Ojukemie (PDP)
 • Local Government CouncilWard 1: Adawari Gabriel Diri (PDP)
Ward 2: Justice Dappa (PDP)
Ward 3: Abinye M. Peterside (PDP)
Ward 4: Somiari R. Cooked (PDP)
Ward 5: Senibo Samuel Manilla (PDP)
Ward 6: Michael D.P.C. Brown (PDP)
Ward 7: Tumini Accra Jaja (PDP)
Ward 8: Uranta Ruth Chinasa (PDP)
Ward 9: Livingstone Elijah Joshua (PDP)
Ward 10: Gabriel Gabriel (PDP)
Ward 11: Miller Ibiba Augustus (PDP)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Opobo/Nkoro is a Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is part of the Andoni/Gokana/Khana/Oyigbo/Tai/Eleme constituency of the Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Rivers. The capital of Opobo/Nkoro is Opobo Town.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 4°34′5″N 7°33′10″E / 4.56806°N 7.55278°E / 4.56806; 7.55278