Optare CityPacer

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Optare CityPacer
Optare City Pacer.jpg
A Optare CityPacer operated by London Buses
Manufacturer Optare
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Step entrance
Chassis Volkswagen LT55
Engine Volkswagen 2.6 L diesel
Capacity 25 seated
Transmission Manual or auto
Length 7.0m-7.7m
Height 2.99m

The Optare CityPacer is a minibus body, typically seating 25, that was produced by Optare from 1985 to 1992. It was based on a Volkswagen LT55 van chassis which at the time was not available in the United Kingdom. It was only moderately successful due to its high price[citation needed], with around 300 produced.


Its prominent feature was its large one-piece front windscreen, with large triangular quarterlights giving the impression that it wrapped around the sides of the body.

Similar vehicles[edit]

The CityPacer was supplemented but not replaced by the StarRider, based on the Mercedes 811D chassis. Both were replaced by the integral Optare MetroRider, which had been a competing design from MCW before Optare bought the rights to the design.

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