Order of Saint Catherine the Great Martyr

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Order of Saint Catherine
Star of the Order of Saint Catherine
Awarded by  Russian Federation
TypeSingle-grade order
EligibilityRussian and foreign nationals
Awarded forHigh moral values and compassion for their outstanding contribution to peacekeeping, charity, humanitarian activities and the preservation of cultural heritage.[1]
Established3 May 2012[1]
Next (higher)Order For Merit to the Fatherland 4th class[2]
Next (lower)Order of Alexander Nevsky[2]
RUS Order of Saint Catherine 2012 BAR.svg
Sash and badge of the order

The Order of St. Catherine the Great Martyr (Russian: Орден Святой великомученицы Екатерины), is a State decoration of Russia established on 3 May 2012. President Dmitry Medvedev issued a presidential decree establishing an Order of St. Catherine to honour Russians and foreigners for outstanding contributions toward peacekeeping, charity, humanitarian efforts, and the preservation of cultural heritage.[1]


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