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Web address ferryhalim.com/orisinal
Type of site
Video game developer
Available in English
Owner Ferry Halim

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine is a website featuring 62 Adobe Flash games (as of April 2013). The website was created in 2000 by Ferry Halim who resides in Clovis, California. It won the World Summit Award in 2003 in the e-entertainment category[1] and the Webby Award in the games category in 2003.[2] In 2004, the site jayisgames.com commended Orisinal: Morning Sunshine for Outstanding Achievement in Artistic Expression in its Best of 2004 special awards.[3] As of November 2010, Ferry Halim has begun selling a selection of his games on the Apple App Store in remade versions for the iPhone.[4]


Ferry Halim's games mostly contain small animals. The majority of the games are cute and have beautiful outdoor backgrounds and relaxing, ambient music (some of which composed by Steven Cravis[5] and several from Kimagure Orange Road), with few games involving fighting and battle. The games have been considered art games. The Orisinal website also includes an online store, guest book, desktop wallpaper, trailers and a special function that allows users to send and receive flowers custom-made via email services.[6]

Orisinal is also known for having very strong protection over its Flash games that has kept them from being unlawfully copied onto other websites.[citation needed] According to Ferry Halim, the website is "his personal playground."[7]

Game examples[edit]

  • Winterbells - The player must steer a white rabbit up a winter night scape to earn points by leaping onto increasingly smaller white bells.
  • The Way Home - The player must steer a squirrel across a cityscape, collecting food as they go.
  • The Truth is Up There - To earn points, the player must keep a flying saucer within the viewfinder of a video camera.
  • Apple Season - The player must try to catch as many apples as possible.
  • The Crossing - The player controls a 'bridge' that moves back and forth to allow deer to cross.
  • Sunny Day Sky - The player controls a small bear that flies using its umbrella, that must pass as many cars as possible and land perfectly.
  • Carrot Track - This game includes a small rabbit which has to be led avoiding several puppies to gather carrots along the way.
  • Constellations - The player sends jellyfish shooting to the surface of the ocean to catch fish and sea stars.


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