Orleans Territory's at-large congressional district

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The Territory of Orleans was the name given to most of what is now the state of Louisiana (excluding that portion of the state which is west of the Sabine River). From 1806 until 1811, the Territory sent one non-voting Delegate (an "at-large" delegate) to the United States House of Representatives.

List of delegates[edit]

Delegate Party Years Note
District Created [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
No image.svg Daniel Clark [Data unknown/missing. You can help!] December 1, 1806 – March 3, 1809 Lost renomination
No image.svg Julien de Lallande Poydras [Data unknown/missing. You can help!] March 4, 1809 – March 3, 1811
Vacant March 3, 1811 – April 29, 1812
District eliminated [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]

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