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Origin Nagoya, Japan
Genres Thrash metal,[1] speed metal, hard rock, heavy metal (early)
Years active 1982–present
Labels Pile Driver, Polydor, MMG/East West Japan, 30min., Victor JVC, Thunderball 667/Universal
Associated acts Cerberus
Website outrage-jp.com
Members Yosuke Abe
Yoshihiro Yasui
Shinya Tange
Naoki Hashimoto
Past members Koji Niwa
Kazutoyo Ito

Outrage is a Japanese thrash metal band, formed in Nagoya in 1982. The band was named after Motörhead's song "Sex & Outrage" from Iron Fist.


They were influenced by NWOBHM bands in their early years. Outrage released their debut album in 1988. In 1999 singer Naoki left the band,[2] They continued as a three piece with Yosuke and Yoshihiro sharing vocals. During this period their music changed to a more hard rock sound, but still had a metal edge to it.

To celebrate the band's 20th anniversary in 2007, Naoki returned for what was supposed to be a few performances, including one at Loud Park '07.[2] But the following year it was announced he would fully rejoin Outrage and they released the limited edition double live album Awakening 2008, which contains performances of their albums The Final Day and Life Until Deaf in their entirety.[3] They also contributed a cover of "Fight Fire with Fire" to the Metallica tribute album Metal-Ikka.[4] In 2009 they released a new self-titled album, which was recorded in Sweden with Fredrik Nordström and marked a return to their thrash sound.[2][5] On March 23, 2010, the band was given the "Aichi Prefecture Cultural Art Prize" for their continued musical activities in their hometown of Nagoya.[6]

The band released the album Outraged on June 5, 2013, once again working with Nordström.[7] Outrage performed at the Yoko Fest The Final concert on September 12, 2014 in tribute to the recently deceased bassist of fellow thrash metal band United.[8] They released the album Genesis I on October 7, 2015. It is split into two sides; the Genesis Side composed of covers of songs by bands such as Happy End, The Mops, Blues Creation and Gedō, and the Exploring Side containing original material.[9]


  • Yosuke Abe (阿部洋介?)guitar (1982–present), vocals (1998–2007)
  • Yoshihiro Yasui (安井義博?)bass (1982–present), vocals (1998–2007)
  • Shinya Tange (丹下眞也?)drums (1982–present)
  • Naoki Hashimoto (橋本直樹?) – vocals (1986–1998, 2007–present)
Former members
  • Koji Niwa (丹羽コージ?) – guitar (1983–1985)
  • Kazutoyo Ito (伊藤千豊?) – vocals (1982–1986)



  • Black Clouds (1988)
  • Blind to Reality (1989)
  • The Great Blue (1990) Oricon Albums Ranking: No. 66[10]
  • The Final Day (1991) No. 66[10]
  • Spit (1993) No. 46[10]
  • Life Until Deaf (1995) No. 56[10]
  • Who We Are (1997) No. 43[10]
  • 24-7 (2002)
  • Cause For Pause (2004)
  • Outrage (2009) No. 66[10]
  • Outraged (June 5, 2013) No. 32[10]
  • Genesis I (October 7, 2015) No. 77[10]


  • Outrage (1987)
  • Painted Black (1999, unreleased)
  • Volume One (2001)
  • Play Loud (2002)


  • Love Song (1991)
  • Deadbeat (2004)

Other albums[edit]

  • Days of Rage 1986-1991 (1995, best of album)
  • It's Packed!! (1997, live and rare album) No. 49[10]
  • Nagoya Noise Pollution Orchestra (2003, compilation album)
  • Live & Rare Vol.1 (2003, live album)
  • Live & Rare Vol.1 (2007, live album)
  • The Years of Rage (2008, live album and DVD)
  • Awakening 2008 (2008, live album) No. 213[10]
  • Live! Rise and Shine (2010, live album) No. 285[10]
  • Discovery Box (2010, 5 CD & 1 DVD box set)
  • XXX Box (2017, 2 CD & 1 DVD box set)


  • The Official Bootleg (1992, VHS)
  • The Official Bootleg II (1995, VHS)
  • The Curtain of History Old Whores and Encores (2007, DVD)
  • The Years of Rage (2008, DVD and live album) Oricon DVDs Ranking: No. 82[11]
  • Shine On Travelogue of Outrage (2011, documentary on the band) No. 94[11]


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