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PAP Community Foundation
PAP Community Foundation.jpg
Founded 1986
Founder People's Action Party
Type Foundation
Focus Kindergarten, Eldercare, Welfare, Community Services
Area served
Key people
Lawrence Wong, chairperson

PAP Community Foundation (PCF[2]) is a charitable foundation founded by the Singapore People's Action Party (PAP) in 1986. Their job includes the social and charitable causes of Singapore and PAP, especially education. Their work also includes the offering of financial assistance and the promotion of resident and citizen welfare. The Foundation has built many kindergartens and centres islandwide, which provide kindergarten, childcare, student care and aged care services. Centres were also built close the Housing Development Board heartlands, such that the centres are a stone's throw from home.

The present chairperson of the PAP Community Foundation is Minister Lawrence Wong.


People's Action Party Headquarters in New Upper Changi Road, Singapore

The PAP Community Foundation[3] was founded as a charity organization with roots in Singaporean origins and society, the first chairperson of the board was Mr Goh Chok Tong between 1986 and 1990, followed by Dr Tony Tan and Mr Teo Chee Hean between 1990 and 1999, and 1999 and 2011 respectively. The foundation is headquartered in Upper Changi Road, Singapore.[4] The state vision of the foundation is to "enhance the well-being of the community by providing quality educational services at affordable cost, as well as through welfare and community services". The organisation suggests a vision which will "nurture a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society by providing educational, welfare and community services." The group has grown to become a heartland centre, with approximately tens of thousands of children put through its centres in 87 locations.

Four notable purposes of PCF are Kindergaten, Child Care, Education, and Charity, with senior care proposed as the next series of implementations. The first senior care centre will be launched from 2014 onwards in Simei, as the first of 10 to 15 such centres it hopes to open in the next five years.[5]

The official website for the organization states that the organization started in the 1960s to help prepare children for entry into primary schools. Classes were conducted in any space available - from 'wayang' stages to shop-houses. In addition to the benefits of having a pre-school education for children, the People's Action Party also viewed it as a social outreach programme to gain the support of parents[6] From then till 1986, these kindergartens were run by individual party branches in their respective constituency.[6]

Currently, the majority of pre-schoolers attend one of the PCF-run kindergartens,[7] and the PCF commands about half of Singapore's pre-school market.[8] The foundation is also notable in offering a variety of bursaries and scholarships.[9]


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