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Pablo Minoli
Pablo Minoli.jpg
Background information
Birth name Pablo Cesar Minoli Domingues
Also known as Pablo Minoli
Born (1970-04-09)April 9, 1970
Origin Montevideo, Uruguay
Genres Hip-hop, Soul, Metal, Funk, Rock, blues rock, pop
Occupation(s) Composer, Producer, Guitarist
Instruments guitar
Years active 1986-present
Associated acts Alain Clark, Ali B, Laberinto, Brainpower, Hind, Big Boy Caprice

Pablo Cesar Minoli Dominguez (born April 9, 1970) is a composer, guitarist and music producer. He was one of the founders of Venezuelan metal band Laberinto and D-Compose and performed with soul music, hip hop, funk and reggae artists throughout the Netherlands. It is currently one of the metal band's members Seita, of Netherlands.

Pablo Minoli was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He moved to Venezuela with his parents when he was a teenager, but they moved back to Uruguay a few years later. Pablo only stayed in Uruguay for a little while and then moved to Venezuela by himself where he studied guitar at the Roland Music Academy in Caracas from 1986 - 1990. In 1992 he moved to Amsterdam where he still lives.



He formed the band Laberinto[1] in 1989 in Venezuela together with Marco Toro Bernal (drums), Raymundo Ceballos (vocals), Gregorio Rangel (bass), Miguel Padron (percussion). In 1992 they move to Amsterdam where they struggle to live from their own music. They form a coverband called Santanico to make money that way. But after appearing in a TV show they join an agency and start getting more bookings. Their first CD "Laberinto" appears in 1995, released by themselves and gets good reviews. They start touring Europe in Hungry, Germany, Switzerland, England, Belgium and Italy.

Laberinto signs with record company Mascot Records in 1996 for their second album Priority. They tour in England, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Belgium and they play festivals like Dynamo Open Air (1997), Borec Trinec Festival (Czech Republic), WDR Rockpalast, RockNacht, Bizzar Fest, Wacken Open Air, WaldRock. They did Radio- and TV specials in Germany, Venezuela and the Netherlands (VPRO's Lola da Musica and TMF -The Music Factory).


In 1997 Minoli was hospitalized at the intensive care for three weeks after an accident on May 24 at his apartment. A fire made him jump out of the window on the second floor. His recovery went well and soon he could rejoin Laberinto. Throughout Amsterdam benefits were organized by musicians to help him with the hospital bills.

Since 2004[edit]

In 2004 Minoli left Laberinto to explore new options.

He founded the extreme metal band D-Compose and tours in Italy, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

He performs with Brainpower, Big Boy Caprice, Junior Tecla, Ledisi, Shirma Rouse, Maikal X, Strawl and The Cousins and Hind (amongst others). In 1996 he joins an acoustic project of John van der Veer: the Ark and performs at festivals like the International Guitar festival (Bath Spa University- England) and The Sage (New Castle, England). With Big Boy Caprice he performs at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2006.

He also starts doing studio work with several artists. For Alain Clark he records guitar for Alain's album "Live it Out"[2] and co-writes "Go There" featured on the same album.

Ali B op Volle Toeren[edit]

In 2010 Pablo is asked to join the Ali B op volle toeren project. The concept of the TV-show involves making a new interpretation of old, famous Dutch songs. The songs get re-written by “The Sleepless” (Pablo Minoli, Pablo Penton and Brownie Dutch): every song including Ali B and a guest rapper. They worked with: Ben Cramer, Dennie Christian, Bonnie St.Claire, Henny Vrienten, Lenny Khur, Willeke Alberti and Anneke Grönloh; all big names in the Netherlands. The show wins awards like “Positive Young Media Award” and gets an honor full mention at the Silver Nipkow awards. Also a CD/DVD has been released. A second season of ABOVT is scheduled for November 2011.

Alain Clark[edit]

After earlier studio sessions in 2007, Pablo Minoli, Pablo Penton and Alain Clark join together in the studio for Alain's new album that releases May 18, 2012. Together they compose 13 songs for the 16 track album. Pablo Minoli also takes care of the guitar parts for the album, joined by Rogier Wagenaar and Alain Clark. The album was presented on May 14, 2012, in Panama (club) in Amsterdam.



  • Portadas - Laberinto (2005)
  • Priority - Laberinto (1996)
  • Freakeao - Laberinto (1998)
  • Another Style - Laberinto (2000)
  • Laberinto Live - Laberinto (2000)
  • Década - Laberinto (2003)
  • Ancestral Inhuman Thoughtless - D-Compose (2004)
  • Separate Chain reaction - Laberinto (2006)

Ali B op Volle Toeren - Season 1[edit]

Nr. Broadcast date Artist Own Track Remake Hit note remake
1 5 January 2011 Lenny Kuhr De troubadour Spijt
Keizer Mama sorry De troubadour 2011 Nr. 50 in de Single Top 100
2 12 January 2011 Ben Cramer De clown Hé man
Fresku Twijfel De clown 2011
3 19 January 2011 Willeke Alberti Telkens weer Luister meisje
Kleine Viezerik Meisje luister Telkens weer 2011
4 26 January 2011 Stef Bos Papa Dingen gedaan 2011
Negativ Dingen gedaan Vaders
5 2 februari 2011 Bonnie St. Claire Bonnie kom je buiten spelen Eeyeeyo 2011
Darryl Eeyeeyo Bonnie
6 9 februari 2011 Dennie Christian Rosamunde Ik ben niet meer van jou Nr. 12 in de Single Top 100
Yes-R Uit elkaar Rosamunde 2011 Nr. 38 in de Nederlandse Top 40
Nr. 7 in de Single Top 100
7 2 maart 2011 Anneke Grönloh Brandend zand Obsessie 2011
Gio Obsessie Brandend hart
8 9 maart 2011 Henny Vrienten Sinds een dag of twee (32 jaar) 32 jaar later
Winne Lotgenoot 't Is voorbij
N.v.t. 16 maart 2011 Compilatie

Ali B op Volle Toeren - Season 2[edit]

Nr. Broadcast date Artist Own Track Remake
1 14 December 2011 Armand Ben ik te min Straattaal 2011
Nina Straattaal Ben ik te min 2011
2 21 December 2011 Corry Konings Huilen is voor jou te laat Zoveel stress 2011
Kempi Zoveel stress Maar is huilen nu voor mij te laat?
3 28 December 2011 Rob de Nijs Het werd zomer Luie rappers
Hef Luie mannen Hoe kan ik
4 4 January 2012 Imca Marina Viva España Leef dat feest elke dag
Brace Vraag jezelf eens af Viva la vida
5 11 January 2012 George Baker Una paloma blanca Tijdmachine 2012
Dio Tijdmachine Una paloma blanca 2012
6 18 January 2012 Margriet Eshuijs House for sale Daar ben je dan
RB Djan Hier ben ik dan Dit keer is het anders
7 25 January 2012 Ronnie Tober Rozen voor Sandra Er is niemand zoals jij
Priester Geen 1 Rozen voor Sandra 2012
8 1 February 2012 Liesbeth List Pastorale Ik pluk de dag
Sticky Steez Spaanse vlieg Pastorale 2012

Alain Clark - Generation Love Revival - May 18, 2012 [3][edit]

Track Title Lyrics Music by Guitar
01 Best Friends A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
02 Generation Love Revival A. Clark, P. Monson A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
04 Nympho A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
05 Get Your Savy On A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
06 Signal of Distress A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
07 Anything A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
08 I Got You On My Mind A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
10 Woman Inside You A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
11 Happy Birthday A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
12 Two Hands A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
13 Release It A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
14 My Shoulder A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...
15 Leaf in the Wind A. Clark A. Clark, P. Penton, P. Minoli ...

Guest appearances[edit]

  • 1997: "Go There" (from Alain Clark album Live it Out)
  • 2006: "Movin On" - Corey
  • 2004: "A Tribute to Carlos" - Santanico
  • 2005: "The Ark" - John van der Veer
  • 2005: "Barrio Latino" - Toro Ensemble


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