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Baek Jong-won
Born (1966-09-04) September 4, 1966 (age 53)
So Yoo-jin (m. 2013)
Culinary career
Cooking style
Korean name
Revised RomanizationPaik Jong-won
McCune–ReischauerPaek Chongwŏn

Baek Jong-won (born September 4, 1966) is a South Korean chef, food researcher, entertainer, writer, essayist and businessman. He is the main host of the SBS's cooking television series which have the titles attached to his name: Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef King, Baek Jong-won's Food Truck and currently Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant.


Baek Jong-won was born on September 4, 1966 in Yesan, Chungnam, South Korea. He always had big interest in food since he was a child. When he was an elementary school student, he was given some biscuits, but he had to fry them with butter and sprinkle them with sugar. He was a picky eater, and he was obsessed at eating.[1]

He claims his father was also a picky eater, which made him become more interested in cooking. When he was a student, his father would buy 10 hamburgers at a time on his way home after a business trip. As a child, Baek Jong-won would try all sorts of recipes to make the hamburger more tasty. It was from then that he started to cook.[2]


Baek is the CEO of Theborn Korea Inc, 26 restaurant franchises with 1,299 branches across the country including Saemaul sikdang,[3] Baek's Coffee[4] and Baek's Bibim.[5]


When he was a freshman, he got to work in the food service industry for the first time. Even while in the military, he volunteered and shared new interesting recipes. After graduating, he seemed to turn away from restaurant businesses. He worked in interior, and trading businesses. However, he eventually returned.[6]


Founded in 1993, Theborn Korea Co. established a majority of domestic and overseas companies based on its know-how to establish a branch office in 1994 and operate a branch store in the country for many years.

The companies that are operating in not only South Korea, but in the U.S., China, Japan, and Southeast Asia have become increasingly successful. Theborn Korea is making its own taste and brands by identifying the trends and needs of consumers.

With a reasonable price and the majority of its brands having popular menus, Theborn Korea aims to make sure that all customers eat plenty of food at affordable prices, and offer joy and delight in addition.

Such beliefs have led to the creation of brands such as and 'Bonga', 'Hanchin Pocha', 'Saemaul Restaurant', 'Hong Kong Banjeom 0410 Plus+', 'Original Ssambap House', and 'Anchovy Noodle Soup 0410' and are loved by the public.

Personal life[edit]

Baek married actress So Yoo-jin on January 19, 2013.[7][8] Their first child, a son, was born on April 9, 2014.[9] Their second child, a daughter, was born on September 21, 2015.[10] Their third child, a second daughter, was born on February 8, 2018.[11][12]


Saemaul Restaurant[edit]

Saemaeul (New town) restaurant is a store specializing in kimchi stew and pork, motivated from the saemaeul movement of the 1960-70s. Interior like the 1960-70s and the ‘saemaeul song’ that used to flow in meal times reminds the customers of their childhood and hometown.

It features Korean's favorites, pork and kimchi stew, upgrades them, adding taste, excitement, and the taste of the hometown. The main dishes of Saemaeul restaurant are yeoltan-bulgogi, in which pork is sliced on the spot and flavored with a special sauce, and 7-minute kimchi stew, which you can eat after the 7-minute bell rings.


Baek Jong-won started Bornga with the dream that he will create a new Korean cuisine that would be accessible to foreigners and not just Koreans, furthermore globalize the menu. It made no sense that Korea, which is the country of Bulgogi, had no famous menu worldwide. "U-samgyup" is what he created to make a competitive Korean dish menu for foreigners.

U-sampyup has a good response not only to Koreans, but also to foreigners. And Bonga is informing the world of Korean food culture that Koreans eat meat grilled on charcoal, wrap them to make "ssam".

Paik's Coffee[edit]

Paik’s coffee started as a small café in Nonhyeon-dong’s food alley in 2006. It boasts a 15 cm-tall and high-quality coffee with a cheap price.

Paik’s coffee locates in every street corner: it draws attention with attractive contrasts of and blue and yellow interior and clever menu names like Ah!mericano.

Paik's coffee is a brand with more than 500 branches in South Korea.


  • Hanchin Pocha
  • Hong Kong
  • Original Ssambap House
  • Dolbaegi House
  • Paik's Beer
  • Hong Kong Banjeom 0410 Plus+
  • Anchovy Noodle Soup 0410
  • Turnaround Udong 0410
  • Paik Iron pan 0410


My Little Television[edit]

Appearance record[edit]

He has appeared since the My Little Television was a part-time broadcast, Pilot. And he continued to stay at No.1 until MLT-06. But he announced a tentative withdrawal because of bad comments from netizens, and sexual harassment by his father. Later, he became an issue in return for five months.

Reason of popularity[edit]

The dishes that he show on My Little Television are cooked by simple ingredients which are easy to get. Many people think that his persona, which doesn't care about calories and makes delicious foods, gives many viewers the distinct charm. Also, his broadcast gives viewers the pleasure of making foods. Many of the recipes he has shown on the show have been made on the SNS by many people. His savory accent also contributed to his popularity.

Home Food Rescue[edit]

Outline of program[edit]

Home Food Rescue is a program that Mr. Baek shows easy and delicious food with four entertainers who are bad at cooking. After setting the main ingredient, this program proceeds with the concept of showing easy and various kinds of menus using the main ingredient. This aspect shows how much this program puts emphasis on applying recipes, which was hard to be seen in other programs.

Characteristic of program[edit]

Even though the name of this program is Home Food Rescue, menus of this program aren’t limited to home meal. It’s because the concept of this program is to help cooking novices to cook easy home meals. Introduction of easy menus made many viewers to love this program. However, since it shows the easy menus which cooking novices can follow easily, there are relatively lots of unprofessional menus and usage of sugar. Because of this problem, <Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master> have received lots of criticisms.

Home Food Rescue Season 3[edit]

In season 3, it started with new members, Yang Se-hyung, Lee Kyu-han, Yoon Doo-joon and Nam Sang-mi on February 2017. Mr. Baek said, “I would like to show viewers good food, delicious food, useful food with new members. We’ll show you easy recipes that can be easily cooked at home.”, and asked for lots of expectation.

Television shows[edit]



He has published many books, usually on cooking or restaurant management, including the ‘Home-cooked Food Recipes Recommended by Baek Jong-won’ series.

  • 2004 There is a Restaurant Secret to Earning Money (돈 버는 식당 비법은 있다), ISBN 9788935205813
  • 2009 Baek Jong-won's Secret Cooking Recipes (백종원의 식당 조리비책), ISBN 9788987931289
  • 2010 Professional Restaurant Managing for Beginners (초짜도 대박나는 전문식당), ISBN 9788926390856
  • 2010 A Restaurant that Always Succeeds (무조건 성공하는 작은식당), ISBN 9788926390849
  • 2010 Founded Recipes by the Eat-Out Management Professional Baek Jong-Won (외식경영 전문가 백종원의 창업레시피 세트), ISBN 9788926390900
  • 2013 Beak Jong-won's Meat (백종원의 육), ISBN 9788987931333
  • 2014 52 Home-cooked Food Recipes Recommended by Baek Jong-won (백종원이 추천하는 집밥 메뉴 52),[16] ISBN 9788926396674
  • 2016 54 Home-cooked Food Recipes Recommended by Baek Jong-won (백종원이 추천하는 집밥 메뉴 54), ISBN 9788926396858
  • 2016 Baek Jong-won's Managing Story (백종원의 장사 이야기), ISBN 9788926396902
  • 2017 55 Home-cooked Food Recipes Recommended by Baek Jong-won (백종원이 추천하는 집밥 메뉴 55), ISBN 9788926366028

Awards and honours[edit]

  • 2015 The Tourism & Sciences Society of Korea Grand Prize
  • 2016 TVN 1st tvN 10 Awards Contents Prize 10[17]
  • 2016 SBS entertainment special prize[18]


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