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General elections were held in Palau on 4 November 2008.[1]

Presidential election[edit]

Incumbent President Tommy Remengesau was term limited and could not seek another term. Outgoing President Remengesau had announced that he would run for a seat in the Senate of Palau.[1]

There were originally four candidates seeking to become the next President of Palau before the primary election:

Senators Whipps and Koshiba were defeated in the primary. Vice President Chin squared off against Ambassador Toribiong in the general election on November 4, 2008; Toribiong won in a closely fought election.

Palau National Congress elections[edit]

All seats in the House of Delegates and the Senate were open for the general election.

There were 43 candidates running for the thirteen seats in the Senate of Palau.[1] There were 44 candidates competing for the sixteen seats in the House of Delegates.[1]

A record ten Palauan women were competing for seats in the Senate and House of Delegates.[1] There were seven women alone running for the at large Senate race.[1]

Surangel Whipps, Jr. has made history by becoming the first Senator to win by write-in and he also led all Senators with highest percentage (65.2%) of votes since his father achieved 73.5%.

Updated results for House of Delegates and the Senate are as follows

Senators (1) Surangel Whipps Jr. 6461 (2) Raynold "Arnold" Oilouch 6073 (3) Mlib Tmetuchel 5360 (4) Joel Toribiong 5086 (5) Kathy Kesolei 4947 (6) Mark U. Rudimch 4891 (7) Hokkons Baules 4437 (8) Adalbert Eledui 3934 (9) Regina K. Mesebeluu 3731 (10) Alfonso N. Diaz 3603 (11) Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. 3579 (12) Regis Akitaya 3144 (13) Paul Ueki 3044


Koror (2) Alexander Merep 1845

Airai (2) Tmewang Rengulbai 525

Kayangel (1) Noah Kemesong 180

Ngarchelong (4) Marhence Madrangchar 188

Ngaraard (2) Gibson Kanai 422

Ngiwal (3) Noah Idechong 258

Melekeok (1) Lencer Basilius 171

Ngchesar (6) Secilil Eldebechel 112

Ngardmau (2) Rebluud Kesolei 193

Ngaremlengui (3) Swenny Ongidobel 218

Ngatpang (1) Jerry Nabeyama 97

Aimeliik (2) Kalistus Ngirturong 269

Peleliu (1) Jonathan Isechal 338

Angaur (1) Horace Rafael 172

Sonsorol (3) Celestine Yangilmau 61

Hatohobei (3) Wayne Andrew 35


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