Pancho Magalona

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In this Philippine name, the middle name or maternal family name is Gayoso and the surname or paternal family name is Magalona.
Enrique Magalona, Jr.
Born Enrique Gayoso Magalona, Jr.
Negros Occidental, Philippine Islands
Died April 1998 (aged 76)
Other names Pancho Magalona
Occupation Actor
Years active 1947–1985
Spouse(s) Tita Duran (widowed)
Children Francis Magalona (1964–2009)
Parent(s) Enrique Magalona, Sr.

Enrique "Pancho" Gayoso Magalona, Jr. (1921 – April 1998) — was a Philippine actor from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Early life[edit]

Born Enrique Gayoso Magalona, Jr. on 1921 in the southern Philippine province of Negros Occidental and was the son of Philippine Senator Enrique B. Magalona, Sr.

Personal life[edit]

Pancho and his real life wife Tita Duran, appeared in numerous Sampaguita Pictures movies. Pancho and his wife were the most popular movie love team in the late 40s. He is the father of the late master rapper Francis Magalona with their siblings: Susan M. Contreras, Vicky, Victor (married to Ma. Angeles), Henry, Popeye "Pye", Malot, Maricar M. Martinez, and Martin. He also co-starred on some Hollywood movies that were shot in the Philippines, such as The Hook (with Kirk Douglas) and Merrill's Marauders (with Jeff Chandler).


He won the Famas Best Actor Award in 1958 for "Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig" and is best remembered for playing the character Simon in the movie version of Jose Rizal's novel El Filibusterismo.


Suffering from emphysema for a year, he later died at Lung Center of the Philippines in April 1998.



  • Simpatika (1949)
  • Milagro ng Birhen ng mga Rosas (1949)
  • Huwag ka ng Magtampo (1949)
  • Always kay Ganda Mo (1949)
  • Ang Doktora (1949)
  • Apoy sa Langit (1949)
  • Huling Patak ng Dugo (1950)
  • Teksas, ang Manok na Nagsasalita (1952) a.k.a. Texas (English title)
  • Sabas, ang Barbaro (1952)
  • Kasaysayan ni Rudy Concepcion (1952) as Rudy Concepcion
  • Barbaro (1952)
  • Lihim ng Kumpisalan (1952)
  • Basahang Ginto (1952)
  • Ang Ating Pag-ibig (1953)
  • 'Sa Isang Sulyap mo Tita' (1953) as Pancho
  • Sa Isang Halik mo Pancho (1954) as Pancho
  • Milyonarya at Hampaslupa (1954)
  • Menor de Edad (1954)
  • Waldas (1955)
  • Sa Dulo ng Landas (1955)
  • Lola Sinderella (1955)
  • Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig (1958)
  • AzimatThe Seal of Solomon (1958) Malay Film Production Singapore with Tita Duran
  • Cry Freedom (1959) as Marking
  • Navy Blues (1960)
  • Emily (1960)
  • El Filibusterismo (1962) as Simoun
  • Merrill's Marauders (1962)
  • The Hook (1963) as Kim a.k.a. The Gook (He was cast as Enrique Magalona in MGM film.)
  • Isinusumpa Ko! (1963)
  • Cavalry Command (1963) a.k.a. The Day of the Trumpet; as Captain Magno Maxalla
  • "Pancho Loves Tita" (1964) TV series; as Pancho
  • Moro Witch Doctor (1964) as Martin Gonzaga
  • Surabaya Conspiracy (1969) a.k.a. The Gold Seekers (USA TV title); as Captain Haryan
  • Pipo (1970) a.k.a. A Time for Dying (International: English title)
  • Sakada (1976)a.k.a. The Tenants (English title)
  • Bitayin si Baby Ama! (1976)
  • Bundok Ng Susong Dalaga (1983) - his last movie