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Origin England
Genres Rock
Associated acts Cardiacs, Levitation, Dark Star
Past members Christian "Bic" Hayes, Little Hicky, Flat hat, Tim Smith, Jon Poole, and David Francolini

Panixphere were an English rock band featuring various past, present and future members of Cardiacs, Levitation, Dark Star, Dragons and The Wildhearts.

The band's only consistent member was guitarist and singer Christian "Bic" Hayes. The 1982–1984 lineup also featured "Flat hat" and future Cardiacs roadie "Little Hicky". The 1992–1993 lineup also featured Tim Smith (bass, vocals), Jon Poole (guitar, vocals) and David Francolini (drums).

Panixphere never released any albums or singles, but performed several high-profile concerts on the British psychedelic music scene during the early 1990s.

Panixphere did release one self-titled cassette demo dated October 1984, which according to the cassette inlay consists of the following tracks:- - Hello / Childs play / Background Ploys (3min 25 sec) - our part (3:06) - Roundabout NoW (1:06)

The inlay also says:- Recorded at New Atlantis Kingston upon Thames October 1984. Engineered by Tim Played by Bic, Dom, Adrian. Cover view came from Ben. Thanx go to Tim+Max. all stuff by Panixphere (It also gives an address in Teddington and a phone number for Bic, but they're probably not relevant in 2012 :P).