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Paper + Plastick
(independent record label)
Paper+Plastick Logo.png
Founded May 30, 2008; 8 years ago (2008-05-30)
Founder Vinnie Fiorello
Genre Punk rock, pop punk, alternative rock, hardcore punk
Country of origin United States
Location Gainesville, Florida
Official website

Paper + Plastick is an American independent record label and comic book publisher, founded in 2008 and based in Gainesville, Florida.


Announced on March 21, 2008, the label launched on May 30, 2008.[1]

It was founded by Vinnie Fiorello, an American drummer, lyricist and founding member of the ska-punk band Less Than Jake. Fiorello also co-founded the label Fueled by Ramen, an American record label which operates as a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, and is distributed by Atlantic Records.

As explained by Fiorello, the idea behind the label is to rejoin the music and the visual art that once came inseparably with it. In an article by punk-news website, Fiorello was quoted:

"Paper and plastic are the source materials of my releases, if you think about it, prints and books are the paper side, while vinyl records and toys are the plastic side. It's a simple and to-the-point concept. First and foremost, the world has enough labels signing pop bands, Paper and Plastick doesn't need to since it will focus on the visual side of music – collector vinyl, vinyl toys, limited edition art prints, books, and most importantly, bands I love and respect. When a label is small, it can focus on projects and not have to mobilize a dozen or so people. There are so many bands that I run into nowadays that seem to be in this vacuum of modern music, far away from Teen Pop and Nu Metal, not wanting to sign to a major and tired of self-releasing. It's those bands, from old friends and new friends, whose music I want to release."

On May 6, 2011, the label announced it would begin releasing free digital comic books (to be collected and printed in trade paperbacks at a later date). The following day, the first issue of 50 States (illustrated tour stories from various punk bands, including Less Than Jake) was released in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day. The other two launch titles include the sci-fiction/action/dark comedy series Kill The Wonderhawks and fantasy series Exit Interview.

In Spring 2014 Paper+Plastick opened up a UK/EU store, managed by Guerrilla Monsoon singer/songwriter Mark Vincent Bussey.[2]



Visual artists[edit]



Current musicians[edit]

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Former musicians[edit]

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Artist Title Release date Format
Landmines Landmines July 22, 2008 12" record
Gatorface Sick and Stupid October 31, 2008 10" record
Andrew Dost Columbus December 2, 2008 12" record
Coffee Project Easy Does It January 21, 2009 10" record
Foundation Chimborazo March 21, 2009 12" record
Protagonist The Chronicle April 10, 2009 digital release
We Are the Union The Gun Show Must Go On April 24, 2009 digital release
Assassinate the Scientist Send More Paramedics May 22, 2009 digital release
Farewell Continental Farewell Continental May 25, 2009 square, picture disc
Coffee Project Pickle June 10, 2009 digital release
Shook Ones The Unquoteable A.M.H. June 15, 2009 LP, CD
The A.K.A.s Animal Summer June 25, 2009 LP, CD
Cheap Girls Find Me a Drink Home (remastered) July 6, 2009 LP
The Flatliners and Snips Split July 17, 2009 7" record
Westbound Train Come and Get It August 7, 2009 7" single
fun. Aim and Ignite August 25, 2009 LP
Rehasher High Speed Access to My Brain August 28, 2009 LP
Frank Turner The First Three Years September 18, 2009 double LP
The Swellers Welcome Back Riders September 21, 2009 7" single
Landmines Hell Is What You Make It September 30, 2009 EP
The Riot Before Fists... Out of Sockets October 9, 2009 digital release
Cheap Girls My Roaring 20's October 9, 2009 LP
Failures' Union In What Way October 16, 2009 LP
This Is My Suitcase The Keys to Cat Heaven October 27, 2009 digital release
Foundation Let it Roll October 27, 2009 digital EP
Destry It Goes On October 30, 2009 digital release
A Wilhelm Scream A Wilhelm Scream November 20, 2009 12" EP
Greenland Is Melting Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue December 1, 2009 CD, LP
Spanish Gamble It's All Coming Down February 9, 2010 CD, LP
We Are the Union Great Leaps Forward March 30, 2010 CD, LP
The Riot Before Rebellion April 27, 2010 LP
Restorations Strange Behavior May 4, 2010 digital release
A Loss for Words Motown Classics[5] May 11, 2010 CD, LP
Stephen Egerton The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton May 18, 2010 CD, LP
Mike Herrera's Tumbledown Tumbledown May 24, 2010 LP
Spring Heeled Jack U.S.A. Static World View May 24, 2010 digital release
Spring Heeled Jack U.S.A. Songs from Suburbia May 24, 2010 digital release
Blacklist Royals Semper Liberi May 25, 2010 CD, LP
Anti-Flag The Second Coming of Nothing May 25, 2010 7" record
Saint Alvia Jonxer / Get Up and Go June 1, 2010 7" record
Coffee Project Moved On June 8, 2010 CD, LP
Comadre A Wolf Ticket (second pressing) June 2010 10" record
Have Nots Serf City USA June 14, 2010 LP
Let Me Run Broken Strings June 15, 2010 CD, LP
The Dopamines Expect the Worst[6] June 28, 2010 CD, LP
The Gamits Parts September 9, 2010 CD, LP
Make Do and Mend End Measured Mile October 28, 2010 CD, LP
Hellmouth Gravestone Skyline November 16, 2010 LP
The Ataris All Souls Day November 25, 2010 7" single
Rust Belt Lights These Are the Good Old Days November 30, 2010 CD, LP
Farewell Continental EP[clarification needed] December 14, 2010 12" record
Dave Hause Resolutions January 24, 2011 CD, LP
John Moreland & The Black Gold Band Things I Can't Control January 31, 2011 CD
Slorder Slorder January 31, 2011 CD
Mikey Erg Heart Shaped 12"[clarification needed] February 14, 2011 12" record
Red City Radio The Dangers of Standing Still February 22, 2011 CD, LP
The Arteries Dead Sea April 11, 2011 LP
Have Nots Proud May 3, 2011 CD, LP
Farewell Continental ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! May 10, 2011 CD, LP
Protagonist States May 10, 2011 CD, 7" record
Jon Snodgrass and Friends Tri-State Record June 14, 2011 7" record
Greenland Is Melting and Jon Gault Split June 14, 2011 7" record
Automatic Loveletter The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On June 28, 2011 CD
Junior Battles Idle Ages June 28, 2011 CD
Riverboat Gamblers Smash/Grab July 12, 2011 CD
Landmines Commerce and Marx July 12, 2011 CD
Reverse the Curse Hither and Yon July 12, 2011 CD
The Dopamines and Dear Landlord Split August 16, 2011 7" record
Plow United Sleepwalk: A Retrospective September 22, 2011 CD, double LP
Greenland Is Melting Where Were We October 11, 2011 CD, LP
We Are the Union Graveyard Grins October 19, 2011 digital EP
various artists Another Reybee Compilation November 10, 2011 digital release
Make Do and Mend Part and Parcel November 20, 2011 12" EP
Red City Radio and The Gamits Split December 10, 2011 7" record
Break Anchor Blackhearts & Blackouts March 20, 2012 7" record
What's Eating Gilbert The Nashville Sessions June 19, 2012 7" record
Anthony Raneri Cathedrals June 19, 2012 12" EP
Flatfoot 56 Toil July 24, 2012 CD, LP
Tin Horn Prayer and Rob Huddleston Split July 31, 2012 7" record
Jon Snodgrass and Friends More Buddies, More Fun July 31, 2012 7" record
Russ Rankin Farewell Catalonia August 7, 2012 CD, LP
Red City Radio To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie August 21, 2012 LP
Jr. Juggernaut Wake August 28, 2012 LP
Ex Friends Ex Friends September 18, 2012 7" record
Obi Fernandez Confessions, Waves and The Garden State September 25, 2012 CD
various artists Are You with the Band? October 4, 2012 LP
We Are the Union You Can't Hide the Sun October 18, 2012 CD, LP
Junior Battles Wow, That's Really Cool! October 23, 2012 cassette
Coffee Project Leftovers October 23, 2012 CD
Nightmare of You and Nightmares for a Week Split October 31, 2012 digital release
Tin Horn Prayer Grapple the Rails November 6, 2012 LP
Aspiga Every Last Piece November 20, 2012 LP
Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne The Whispertone Sessions March 7, 2013 digital release
The Sky We Scrape Divides May 14, 2013 LP

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