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The cover of the first volume of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon as published by Kodansha on July 6, 1992 in Japan.

Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. The series follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, a girl who transforms into the titular protagonist and goes on a journey to save the universe from being annihilated. Along the way, she encounters and defeats a diverse group of enemies. The series was published in individual chapters in the monthly manga anthology Nakayoshi,[1] Several adaptations based on Sailor Moon have been made including two anime series and three feature films produced by Toei Animation, as well as a musical series, a live-action television series produced by Toei Company, and a large number of video games.

These chapters were collected by Kodansha in a series of 18 tankōbon volumes; the first released on July 6, 1992,[2] while the last one was released on April 4, 1997.[3] It was later rereleased in 12 shinsōban to coincide with the run of the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, with some corrections and updates to the dialogue and artwork. Volume 1 was released on September 22, 2003[4] and volume 12 released on July 23, 2004.[5]

The North America distributing company Tokyopop initially released 18 volumes from the Japanese first edition, split into three series, Sailor Moon with 11 volumes, Sailor Moon SuperS with four volumes, and Sailor Moon StarS with three volumes. Volume 1 was released on December 1, 1998,[6] and volume 18 was released on September 18, 2001.[7] The first 7 chapters were also published in the American magazine, MixxZine then chapters 34 through 52 were published in Smile. The series was also published in thirty-five issues in traditional American comic book format. This publication was not complete, only containing chapters 8[8] through 33[9] and the extra "Lover of Princess Kaguya".[10] These were released starting in August 1998 at the San Diego ComicCon[11] through mid-2001.[10] The Mixx and Tokyopop editions of the manga went out of print in 2005.[citation needed] In 2011, Kodansha Comics USA began re-printing the 14 volume restored Sailor Moon manga edition (including the two short story compilations) under the title Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, as well the two volume restored Codename: Sailor V manga editions in English beginning with Volume 1 of both titles on September 13, 2011, featuring an all new translation. Subsequent volumes were published bimonthly.[12]

Volume list[edit]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon[edit]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 July 6, 1992[2] ISBN 978-4-06-178721-6 December 1, 1998[6] ISBN 978-1-892213-01-3
  • Act 1: "Usagi - Sailor Moon" (うさぎ—SAILORMOON?, "Usagi SAILORMOON")
  • Act 2: "Ami - Sailor Mercury" (亜美—SAILORMERCURY?, "Ami SAILORMERCURY")
  • Act 3: "Rei - Sailor Mars" (レイ—SAILORMARS?, "Rei SAILORMARS")
  • Act 4: "Masquerade" (Masquerade—仮面舞踏会?, "Masquerade Kamen Butōkai")
  • Act 5: "Makoto - Sailor Jupiter" (まこと—SAILORJUPITER?, "Makoto SAILORJUPITER")
A lazy schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino, rescues a cat with a crescent moon shape on its head, which later finds her again and speaks to her. Calling itself Luna, the cat tells Usagi that she is Sailor Moon, a chosen soldier with magical powers. She must gather together a group of allies, the "Sailor Guardians", in order to fight off the villainous Dark Kingdom, ruled by Queen Beryl, and locate the mysterious "Moon Princess" and her holy Silver Crystal, a very powerful artifact. During her first battle with evil, a mysterious figure called Tuxedo Mask appears, searching for the Silver Crystal for his own reasons. He is shown to be an older student named Mamoru Chiba in disguise, with whom Usagi has an antipathetic relationship. Alternately reluctant and excited, Sailor Moon soon meets the genius Ami Mizuno, who becomes Sailor Mercury, the shrine maiden Rei Hino, who becomes Sailor Mars, and the strong Makoto Kino, who becomes Sailor Jupiter. The Sailor Guardians defeat two of the Four Kings of Heavean, Beryl's henchmen.
2 October 6, 1992[13] ISBN 978-4-06-178731-5 [13] December 24, 1998[14] ISBN 978-1-892213-05-1 [14]
  • Act 6: "Tuxedo Mask" (タキシード仮面—TUXEDO MASK?, "Takishīdo Kamen TUXEDO MASK")
  • Act 7: "Chiba Mamoru - Tuxedo Mask" (地場衛—TUXEDO MASK?, "Chiba Mamoru TUXEDO MASK")
  • Act 8: "Minako - Sailor V" (美奈子—SAILOR V?, "Minako SAILOR V")
  • Act 9: "Serenity - Princess" (セレニティ—PRINCESS?, "Sereniti PRINCESS")
Determined to find the Silver Crystal, Tuxedo Mask tells the news media about it, causing an uproar all over Japan. Usagi and Mamoru reveal their true identities as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask to each other, and begin to realize their growing feelings for each other. Beryl communes with an evil entity called Queen Metaria, which is struggling to reawaken and take its revenge on the kingdoms of the Earth and Moon. The fifth Guardian Sailor Venus arrives along with her own cat companion, Artemis, and destroys another King of Heaven. Later, Beryl sends out her last henchman, Kunzite, to destroy the Sailor Guardians. In the battle, Tuxedo Mask receives a terrible wound and is knocked unconscious. Overcome with grief and horror, Sailor Moon transforms into the Moon Princess, Serenity, and remembers her past life falling in love with him when he was Prince Endymion of Earth, and starts crying. One of her tears becomes the Silver Crystal, part of which separates into Tuxedo Mask's body, but he is captured by Kunzite and taken to the Dark Kingdom.
3 April 6, 1993[15] ISBN 978-4-06-178744-5 [15] May 21, 1999[16] ISBN 978-1-892213-06-8 [16]
  • Act 10: "Moon" (MOON—月?, "MOON Tsuki")
  • Act 11: "Reunion - Endymion" (再開—ENDYMION?, "Saikai ENDYMION")
  • Act 12: "Decisive Battle - Reincarnation" (決戦—REINCARNATION?, "Kessen REINCARNATION")
In order to get some answers, the Sailor Guardians teleport to the Moon, where they find the ruins of its ancient kingdom, Silver Millennium. A holographic image of Queen Serenity, Usagi's mother in her past life, helps the Guardians remember their past lives, and warns them that Metaria, the one who destroyed the Silver Millennium, is now reawakening, and urges Sailor Moon to use the Silver Crystal to destroy her. When the Sailor Guardians return, Kunzite lures them into battle, but is defeated when they combine powers against him. Beryl uses Metaria's power to raise up a brainwashed Endymion as her new servant, whereupon he infiltrates the Sailor Guardians' control room and steals Usagi's part of the Silver Crystal. Beryl then attacks the Guardians herself, but is killed by Sailor Venus using a stone sword she obtained in the Moon. Grabbing it, the possessed Endymion escapes to the North Pole, pursued by the other Sailor Guardians. Unable to heal Endymion, Sailor Moon realizes that the only way to defeat Metaria is to free the crystal fragment from his body. Weeping, she slashes his chest with the sword, and then runs it through herself as well. The fully realized crystal then forms in the air, growing until it covers up their bodies and is swallowed whole by Metaria. The Sailor Guardians hurl all their power at her, but are struck down. Within the crystal, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are revealed to have survived the strike of the sword and reawaken. Sailor Moon prepares to seal Metaria away.
4 July 6, 1993[17] ISBN 978-4-06-178753-7 [17] September 14, 1999[18] ISBN 978-1-892213-15-0 [18]
  • Act 13: "An Ending and Then a Beginning - Petit Etranger" (終結 そして 始まり—Petit etranger?, "Shūketsu Soshite Hajimari Petit etranger")
  • Act 14: "Black Moon Koan - Sailor Mars" (ブラック·ムーン·コーアン—SAILORMARS?, "Burakku Mūn Kōan SAILORMARS")
  • Act 15: "Black Moon Berthier - Sailor Mercury" (ブラック·ムーン·ベルチェ—SAILORMERCURY?, "Burakku Mūn Beruchē SAILORMERCURY")
  • Act 16: "Black Moon Petz - Sailor Jupiter" (ブラック·ムーン·ペッツ—SAILOR JUPITER?, "Burakku Mūn Pettsu SAILORJUPITER")
With the help of Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon manages to destroy Metaria and restore the Silver Millenium at the cost of her transformation brooch in the process. With Queen Serenity's blessing, giving her a new transformation brooch, Usagi uses Moon Healing Escalation to restore Earth to normal and bring back her friends. However, with the mysterious appearance of a little pink-haired girl they name Chibiusa, the Guardians find themselves facing a new enemy in the agents of the Black Moon Clan who abduct Rei, Ami, and Makoto.
5 November 6, 1993[19] ISBN 978-4-06-178764-3 [19] September 28, 1999[20] ISBN 978-1-892213-20-4 [20]
  • Act 17: "Black Moon Calaveras - Sailor Venus" (ブラックムーン·カラベラス—SAILORVENUS?, "Burakku Mūn Karaberasu SAILOR VENUS")
  • Act 18: "Time Warp - Sailor Pluto" (タイムワープ—SAILORPLUTO?, "Taimu Wāpū SAILOR PLUTO")
  • Act 19: "Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion" (クリスタルトーキョー—KING ENDYMION?, "Kurisutaru Tōkyō KING ENDYMION")
  • "Chibiusa's Picture Diary (Extra Compilation)" (ちびうさ絵日記(番外編)?, "Chibi Usa Enikki (Bangaihen)")
Agents of the Black Moon Clan also try to abduct Minako, but fail. Usagi and her friends travel to the future, and they meet the Guardian of Time and Chibiusa's friend, Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon and the others discover that Earth in the 30th century has been brought to ruin by Black Moon. Chibiusa is revealed to be Sailor Moon's and Tuxedo Mask's daughter from the future. A projection of the soul of her father, King Endymion, appears and explains what happened to everyone during Black Moon's attack, including the fate of Chibusa's mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, who is unconscious and encased within the Crystal Castle. With the guidance of King Endymion, Tuxedo Mask manages to defeat more Black Moon agents. Prince Demand, the leader of the Black Moon Clan, captures Sailor Moon.
6 March 5, 1994[21] ISBN 978-4-06-178772-8 [21] February 8, 2000[22] ISBN 978-1-892213-35-8 [22]
  • Act 20: "Nemesis - Complication" (NEMESIS—錯綜?, "NEMESIS Sakusō")
  • Act 21: "Nemesis - Expectation" (NEMESIS—暗躍?, "NEMESIS Anyaku")
  • Act 22: "Attack - Black Lady" (攻撃—BLACK LADY?, "Kōgeki BLACK LADY")
In Nemesis, Prince Demand reveals to the kidnapped Usagi that his fellows stand up against the unnatural lives granted by the power of the Silver Crystal to the humans of the 30th century, and that they plan to alter history by attacking Usagi's time period. Usagi finds Sailors Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, who are held captive in Nemesis as well, and they confront Demand and his followers, destroying Nemesis' reactor as they escape. Chibiusa feels guilty for what happened to her mother but, at the same time, starts to be resentful. Wiseman, the true mastermind of the Black Moon Clan, appears and takes advantage of Chibiusa's feelings, manipulating her to the point that she transforms into Black Lady, a new Black Moon member. Black Lady, in turn, manipulates Mamoru into attacking Usagi. The Sailor Guardians confront the remaining Black Moon members and the brainwashed Mamoru in Crystal Tokyo. It is revealed that Wiseman has merged his consciousness with the Planet Nemesis itself, and it descends upon the Crystal Castle. Diana, Luna's and Artemis' daughter from the future, asks Sailor Pluto to help the Guardians in battle. Demand steals the Silver Crystals of the present and the future and is about to bring them together, which would result in the destruction of the timeline.
7 July 7, 1994[23] ISBN 978-4-06-178781-0 [23] June 6, 2000[24] ISBN 978-1-892213-42-6 [24]
  • Act 23: "Regeneration - Never Ending" (再生—NEVER ENDING?, "Saisei NEVER ENDING")
  • Act 24: "Infinity 1 - Premonition" (無限1 予感?, "Mugen 1 Yokan")
Sailor Pluto stops time to prevent Prince Demand from bringing the Silver Crystals together and destroying everything, but dies because she breaks a forbidden taboo. Black Lady is shocked to see her friend die and reverts back to her true self, and transforms into a Sailor Guardian: Sailor Chibimoon. Demand is unfreezed and tries to attack Usagi but is killed by her and by Mamoru, who is free of Black Lady's control. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon combine their powers to destroy Nemesis. Neo-Queen Serenity awakens and restores Earth, and gives the Sailor Guardians new transformation devices and powers. Usagi, Chibiusa and their friends return to the present and their normal lives. New enemies appear in the form of the Death Busters, and news reports state that several people have been transformed into monsters in a process called "Reversion". Usagi and her friends meet two Infinity Academy students: talented violinist Michiru Kaioh and famed auto racer Haruka Tenoh. Another Infinity Academy student transforms into a monster called "Daimon" in front of the Sailor Guardians, but is saved. Usagi and her friends investigate the Academy but are attacked by a cat possessed by a Daimon, but is also saved. A mysterious girl heals Chibiusa's wound from the battle. Usagi and their friends spot two unidentified Sailor Guardians who were checking on them.
8 November 2, 1994[25] ISBN 978-4-06-178790-2 [25] December 5, 2000[26] ISBN 978-1-892213-47-1 [26]
  • Act 25: "Infinity 2 - Ripple" (無限2 波紋?, "Mugen 2 Hamon")
  • Act 26: "Infinity 3 - Two New Soldiers" (無限3 2人—NEW SOLDIERS?, "Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS")
  • Act 27: "Infinity 4 - Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune" (無限4 セーラーウラヌス—天王はるか セーラーネプチューン—海王みちる?, "Mugen 4 Sērā Uranusu Ten'nō Haruka Sērā Nepuchūn Kaiō Michiru")
  • Act 28: "Infinity 5 - Sailor Pluto" (無限5 セーラープルート—冥王せつな?, "Mugen 5 Sērā Purūto Meiō Setsuna")
Kaolinite from the Death Busters instructs her servants, the Witches 5, to use human bodies as vessels for Daimon eggs, and to find the Silver Crystal. After defeating Eudial, the first of the Witches 5, Sailor Moon meets one of the mysterious Guardians who warns her to stay out of their way, and kisses her. Chibiusa befriends Hotaru Tomoe, the girl that healed her wound, who happens to be the daughter of Infinity Academy's founder, Professor Tomoe. The two new Guardians destroy the second of the Witches 5, Mimete, and finally introduce themselves as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. These Sailor Guardians are later revealed to be Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh after they finish the third member of the Witches 5, Viluy. A university student named Setsuna Meioh investigates spatial disruptions near Infinity Academy. Setsuna later awakens as the revived Sailor Pluto and kills Tellu, the fourth of the Witches 5.
9 February 6, 1995[27] ISBN 978-4-06-178797-1 [27] April 17, 2001[28] ISBN 978-1-892213-68-6 [28]
  • Act 29: "Infinity 6 - Three Scouts" (無限6 3戦士?, "Mugen 6 San Senshi")
  • Act 30. "Infinity 7 - Transformation - Super Sailor Moon" (無限7 変身—SUPER SAILORMOON?, "Mugen 7 Henshin SUPER SAILORMOON")
  • Act 31: "Infinity 8 - Infinite Labyrinth 1" (無限8 「無限迷宮」1?, "Mugen 8 Mugen Meikyū 1")
  • Act 32. "Infinity 9 - Infinite Labyrinth 2" (無限9 「無限迷宮」2?, "Mugen 9 Mugen Meikyū 2")
Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reunite and explain their mission as defenders of the Outer Solar System from external threats to Usagi and her friends, but state that they cannot work with them. Cyprine, the fifth and last of the Witches 5, manipulates all of the Sailor Guardians except Sailor Moon, and the Inner Guardians fight the Outer Guardians. Sailor Moon tries to attack Cyprine, but Cyprine splits in half and Ptilol appears. Sailor Moon obtains the Holy Grail with the help of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibimoon, which causes the Guardians to stop fighting and give their power to Sailor Moon. The Talismans carried by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto react, and Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon and defeats Cyprine and Ptilol. The Outer Guardians reveal the truth to Sailor Moon: the last time that the Talismans reacted was after the Dark Kingdom attacked the Silver Millennium, and it caused the Soldier of Silence, Sailor Saturn, to appear and destroy what was left. They must prevent Saturn to reawaken by killing her reincarnation: Hotaru. Chibiusa tries to protect Hotaru; however, since Hotaru was already possessed by a Daimon egg, she steals Chibiusa's soul and Silver Crystal and transforms into Mistress 9, the partner of the Death Busters' leader, Master Pharaoh 90. The Sailor Guardians try to save Chibiusa's soul and Hotaru, and finish Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe. However, Mistress 9 has already taken the power of Chibiusa's Silver Crystal and tries to unleash Pharaoh 90 so that he can merge itself with the Earth, destroying Infinity Academy while Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are still inside the building.
10 June 6, 1995[29] ISBN 978-4-06-178806-0 [29] July 10, 2001[30] ISBN 978-1-892213-98-3 [30]
  • Act 33: "Infinity 10 - Infinite" (無限10 ∞—「無限大」?, "Mugen 10 Mugendai")
  • "Chibiusa's Picture Diary #2" (ちびうさ絵日記?, "Chibiusa Enikki")
In order to gain more power, Mistress 9 takes the souls of Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus too, but Hotaru's spirit within Mistress 9 saves Chibiusa's and the Guardians' souls, and Chibiusa's Silver Crystal, and takes them out of her body before Mistress 9 tears it apart to achieve her true form. The Sailor Guardians reawake, as well as Chibiusa, who joins the battle with Tuxedo Mask. Chibiusa's wish to be as strong as Usagi causes the Holy Grail of the future to appear, and both of them transform into Super Sailor Guardians. They try to destroy Mistress 9, who merges herself with Pharaoh 90 to avoid being killed. A portal to Pharaoh 90's dimension, the Tau Star System, appears in the sky. Sailor Saturn emerges from Pharaoh 90, attacks him and guides him back to the portal to Tau in the sky. She asks Sailor Pluto to close the portal behind them, which results in Saturn herself being trapped in there as well. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and resurrects everyone, including Hotaru, who is reincarnated as a baby. The Outer Guardians vow to be her family and bid farewell to Usagi and her friends. Some time later, Usagi and her friends are now high school students. As Chibiusa prepares to go back to the future, a solar eclipse takes place. Usagi, Mamoru and Chibiusa hear the ringing of a bell, and a white pegasus appears asking for help.
11 July 6, 1995[31] ISBN 978-4-06-178809-1 [31] October 15, 2001[32] ISBN 978-1-892213-99-0 [32]
  • "Princess Kaguya's Lover" (かぐや姫の恋人?, "Kaguya hime no Koibito")
  • "Casablanca Memory" (カサブランカ·メモリー?, "Kasaburanka Memorī")
12 September 6, 1995[33] ISBN 978-4-06-178814-5 [33] March 16, 1999[34] ISBN 978-1-892213-12-9 [34]
  • Act 34: "Dream 1 - Eclipse Dream" (夢1—日食ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 1 Nisshoku Dorīmu")
  • Act 35: "Dream 2 - Mercury Dream" (夢2—マーキュリー·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 2 Mākyurī Dorīmu")
  • Act 36: "Dream 3 - Mars Dream" (夢3—マーズ·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 3 Māzu Dorīmu")
During the eclipse, a mysterious ship comes flying, and just after it is over a circus appears in the middle of Juban. This circus is called the Dead Moon Circus, and their goal is to get the Golden Crystal and take over Earth with nightmares. Helios, the white pegasus, addresses Chibiusa in her dreams and tells her she is the lady with the power to save the sacred land of Elysion, but Chibiusa fears this lady is Usagi. Mamoru starts feeling intense pain in the chest from time to time, and the doctors tell him there is a shadow in his lungs. Usagi and Chibusa fall under a curse that causes them to switch ages. It is until they gain their new transformation brooches and transform into their Super Sailor forms that they revert back to their normal age. Ami and Rei each recall their families and dreams, and become targets of Dead Moon nightmares. Ami gains her Sailor Crystal and new transformation and power thanks to her Sailor Power Guardian, a small sprite resembling herself, while Rei does so after her pet crows Phobos and Deimos transform into their human forms and rescue her.
13 December 6, 1995[35] ISBN 978-4-06-178820-6 [35] September 21, 1999[36] ISBN 978-1-892213-24-2 [36]
  • Act 37: "Dream 4 - Jupiter Dream" (夢4—ジュピター·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 4 Jupitā Dorīmu")
  • Act 38: "Dream 5 - Venus Dream" (夢5—ヴィーナス·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 5 Vīnasu Dorīmu")
  • "Makoto's Melancholy" (まこちゃんのユーウツ?, "Mako chan no Yūutsu")
  • "Ami's First Love" (亜美ちゃんの初恋?, "Ami chan no Hatsukoi")
  • "Rei and Minako's Girls School Battle" (レイと美奈子の女子高バトル?, "Rei to Minako no Joshikō Batoru")
Makoto becomes the new target of Dead Moon, but soon gets her Sailor Crystal and new transformation and power too. Mamoru's condition is getting worse. Helios transforms into his human form and formally introduces himself to Mamoru, Usagi, and Makoto, and explains that Dead Moon has attacked Elysion, the land that protects Earth from within, and that he is experiencing the same pain as Mamoru, since Elysion has already been taken over and the same may happen to Earth if Usagi and the others do not find the Golden Crystal. Minako is worried because she is the only one of her friends that is unable to transform. She attends an idol audition set up by Dead Moon to investigate them, but is ambushed by the Amazoness Quartet. Artemis tries to save Minako but they are both attacked by the Quartet.
14 March 6, 1996[37] ISBN 978-4-06-178826-8 [37] January 11, 2000[38] ISBN 978-1-892213-26-6 [38]
  • Act 39: "Dream 6 - New Soldier Dreams" (夢6—ニュー·ソルジャー·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 6 Nyu Sorujā Dorīmu")
  • Act 40: "Dream 7 - Elysion Dream" (夢7—エリュシオン·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 7 Eryushion Dorīmu")
Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and a grown-up Hotaru are shown living a happy life, but the latter sees a premonition in which Usagi and Mamoru are in danger. Hotaru alerts the others, and gives them their Sailor Crystals and new transformations and powers. Artemis transforms into a human and saves Minako, who gains her Sailor Crystal and new transformation and power too. The Outer Guardians return to Tokyo and save the other Guardians from an assault by the Amazoness Quartet. Usagi and Mamoru are hit by Zirconia's curse and transform into children, and then disappear. Chibiusa and Hotaru chase the Quartet, and Hotaru tells the four of them to stop using nightmares or else nightmares will consume them, but they are all trapped by Zirconia. Usagi and Mamoru appear in Elysion, which is covered by darkness. Helios urges them both to find the Golden Crystal, which Usagi guesses is sealed within Mamoru. Queen Nehelenia, the leader of the Dead Moon Circus, appears and nearly kills Usagi and Mamoru, but Helios takes them to where the Guardians are. Helios seemingly sacrifices himself to purify Earth. Zirconia attacks everyone with her nightmare.
15 July 5, 1996[39] ISBN 978-4-06-178835-0 [39] August 15, 2000[40] ISBN 978-1-892213-39-6 [40]
  • Act 41: "Dream 8 - Dead Moon Dream" (夢8—デッド·ムーン·ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 8 Deddo Mūn Dorīmu")
  • Act 42: "Dream 9 - Earth & Moon Dream" (夢9—アース アンド ムーン ドリーム?, "Dorīmu 9 Aasu ando Mūn Dorīmu")
  • "Chibiusa's Picture Diary #3" (ちびうさ絵日記?, "Chibiusa Enikki")
While under Zirconia's nightmare, the Guardians believe Usagi and Mamoru have died, while Usagi thinks her friends were killed, but Mamoru manages to get everyone out of the curse. The Guardians simultaneously attack Zirconia, forcing her to escape into Nehelenia's mirror. Usagi chases after her but instead of finding Zirconia, she is greeted by Nehelenia herself. While Usagi frees Chibiusa and Hotaru, Makoto manages to break the mirror, and Nehelenia transforms into an ugly, old woman. The protagonists reunite and teleport to Elysion, where the Dead Moon ship arrives. A young Nehelenia reappears and tells the heroes that she cursed Princess Serenity during the Silver Millennium to prevent her from becoming queen of the Moon, bringing about the Dark Kingdom's attack on the Moon Kingdom as a result. Usagi resolves to finish Nehelenia, and the Sailor Power Guardians appear before the Guardians, and all of them transform into princesses, while Luna, Artemis and Diana appear and transform into their human forms. With the powers of everyone, Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon and defeats Nehelenia. The Amazoness Quartet appear and transform into Sailor Guardians: the Sailor Quartet, who are the future guardians of Sailor Chibi Moon. Helios finally recognizes Chibiusa as his princess.
16 September 6, 1996[41] ISBN 978-4-06-178841-1 [41] March 13, 2001[42] ISBN 978-1-892213-48-8 [42]
  • Act 43: "Stars 1" (スターズ1?, "Sutāzu 1")
  • Act 44: "Stars 2" (スターズ2?, "Sutāzu 2")
  • Act 45: "Stars 3" (スターズ3?, "Sutāzu 3")
Mamoru is about to leave to study in the United States but, as he is saying goodbye to Usagi, he is attacked and his body crumbles away, leaving only the Golden Crystal in its place, which is taken by Sailor Galaxia, the leader of a new group of villains known as Shadow Galactica. Usagi is shocked to see this and faints, but later blocks this memory and thinks Mamoru has arrived safely to the U.S. A new group of idols called the Three Lights comes to Tokyo and become students at Usagi's high school. Chibiusa returns to Crystal Tokyo, but days later, a little girl named ChibiChibi arrives to the Tsukino house and tricks Usagi's mother to believe she is Usagi's younger sister. Sailor Galaxia and her servants, the Sailor Animamates, destroy the eight Solar System Sailor Guardians as well as Phobos and Deimos, one by one, taking their Sailor Crystals. Two Animamates are killed by the Sailor Starlights, who are revealed to be the true identity of the Three Lights, while a third Animamate is defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon. Usagi remembers what happened to Mamoru with the help of the Starlights. In the future, Chibiusa overhears and conversation between Neo-Queen Serenity and Sailor Pluto about a disruptance in the past. A new student named Nyanko Suzu arrives to Usagi's high school and tries to befriend her, but Luna and Artemis sense in her a power similar to theirs. Princess Kakyuu, the leader of the Starlights, emerges from an incense burner that ChibiChibi has been taking care of.
17 December 6, 1996[43] ISBN 978-4-06-178849-7 [43] June 19, 2001[44] ISBN 978-1-892213-70-9 [44]
  • Act 46: "Stars 4" (スターズ4?, "Sutāzu 4")
  • Act 47: "Stars 5" (スターズ5?, "Sutāzu 5")
  • Act 48: "Stars 6" (スターズ6?, "Sutāzu 6")
  • "Chibiusa's Picture Diary #4" (ちびうさ絵日記?, "Chibiusa Enikki")
As Kakyuu reunites with the Starlights, ChibiChibi is revealed to be a Sailor Guardian too. Suzu reveals she is a Sailor Animamate from the same planet as Luna and Artemis, Sailor Tin Nyanko, and Luna and Artemis transform into their human forms. Tin Nyanko attacks both of them as well as human Diana, who has just arrived from the future, damaging the crescent moons on their foreheads and reverting them to their cat forms, which render them speechless. However, before Tin Nyanko causes more damage, the Starlights appear and force her to retreat. Usagi meets Kakyuu, who explains that Galaxia has been destroying planets and stealing Sailor Crystals before reaching Earth and the Silver Crystal. Tin Nyanko appears before Galaxia and asks for forgiveness, but Galaxia kills her. Usagi, ChibiChibi, Kakyuu, and the Starlights travel to the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of all life and stars in the Milky Way, located at the center of the galaxy, to get Mamoru and the Guardians' Sailor Crystals and revive them. Upon arriving, they meet Sailor Lethe, who brings Luna, Artemis, and Diana to kill them and take their starseeds, which are as powerful as Sailor Crystals. Lethe attacks Usagi and the others but is stopped by her twin sister, Sailor Mnemosyne. Usagi realizes her Crystal is the source of all wars and asks Lethe and Mnemosyne to kill her, but the twins are moved by Usagi's sacrifice and let her go to Galaxia. However, Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi, Galaxia's closest servants and leaders of the Animamates, appear and kill Lethe and Mnemosyne with their powers, and take their Sailor Crystals. ChibiChibi shields herself, as well as Usagi and Kakyuu, but cannot protect the Starlights, who are still unconscious in the ground from Lethe's previous attack.
18 April 4, 1997[3] ISBN 978-4-06-178858-9 September 18, 2001[7] ISBN 978-1-892213-97-6
  • Act 49: "Stars 7" (スターズ7?, "Sutāzu 7")
  • Act 50: "Stars 8" (スターズ8?, "Sutāzu 8")
  • Act 51: "Stars 9" (スターズ9?, "Sutāzu 9")
  • Act 52: "Stars 10" (スターズ10?, "Sutāzu 10")
The Starlights die as a result of Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi's attack, and their Sailor Crystals are taken too. Chibiusa and the Sailor Quartet arrive from the future to help. As they make their way to Galactica Palace, Usagi and the others destroy one last Animamate, as well as Phi, Chi, and the eight Solar System Guardians, who are under Galaxia's control; however, Kakyuu is killed in action. Once inside the Palace, the battle between Usagi and Galaxia takes place. Usagi finally meets Chaos, the being who failed to become a star and who has sent incarnations in the forms of Metaria, Wiseman, Pharaoh 90 and Nehelenia to reach Usagi and her Silver Crystal. Galaxia intends Usagi and Chaos to destroy each other so that she alone remains as the most powerful being in the Milky Way, but she is killed by Chaos. ChibiChibi states that the only way to defeat Chaos is to destroy the Cauldron, but Usagi tells her that she will not end the cycle of life of the galaxy and encourages ChibiChibi to never give up. ChibiChibi reveals her true self: Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Moon's ultimate form from a distant future. Usagi uses all her power and throws herself into the Cauldron to seal Chaos. Usagi's courage reminds Cosmos of the strength she needs to keep fighting and returns to her own timeline. Within the Cauldron, Usagi meets Mamoru and her friends, and asks Guardian Cosmos, the guardian of the Cauldron, to send them all back to Earth and their normal lives. The series concludes with Usagi and Mamoru's wedding, while the construction of Crystal Tokyo is taking place; Usagi is seen pregnant with Chibiusa.

Shinsōban short stories[edit]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 August 23, 2004[45] ISBN 978-4-06-334910-8 [45] September 10, 2013 ISBN 978-1612624426
  • "Beware the Exchange Student!" (転校生にご用心!?, "Tenkousei ni goyoujin!")
  • "Beware the Tanabata (July 7th Festival)!" (七夕にご用心!?, "Tanabata ni goyoujin!")
  • "Beware Cavities!" (虫歯にご用心!?, "Mushiba ni goyoujin!")
  • "Mako's Depression!" (まこちゃんのユーウツ!?, "Mako-chan no Yuuutsu!")
  • "Ami's First Love!" (亜美ちゃんの初恋!?, "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi!")
  • "Rei and Minako's Girls' School Battle!?" (レイと美奈子の女子校バトル!??, "Rei to Minako no Joshikou Batoru!?")
  • "The Secret Hammer Price Hall" (ヒミツのハンマープライス堂?, "Himitsu no Hanmaa Puraisu Dou")
2 September 22, 2004[46] ISBN 978-4-06-334915-3 [46] November 26, 2013 ISBN 978-1612620107
  • "The Lover of Princess Kaguya" (かぐや姫の恋人?, "Kaguya hime no Koibito")
  • "Casablanca Memory" (カサブランカ·メモリー?, "Kasaburanka Memorii")
  • "Parallel Sailormoon" (ぱられる せぇらぁむ〜ん?, "Parareru Seeraamuun")


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