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Race details
Date Early October
Region Centre, France
English name Paris–Bourges
Local name(s) Paris–Bourges (in French)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1913 (1913)
Editions 66 (as of 2016)
First winner  André Narcy (FRA)
Most wins 2 wins:
 Marcel Dussault (FRA)
 Daniele Nardello (ITA)
 John Degenkolb (GER)
 Sam Bennett (IRL)
Most recent  Sam Bennett (IRL)

Paris–Bourges is a French road bicycle race. The race originally started in Paris and ran to the town of Bourges in the Région Centre. However in recent year with the length of races shortened it has become impossible to link the two cities and the starting venue has been changed to the town of Gien in the Loiret department which is 97 miles south of Paris. The official name of the race is now Paris-Gien-Bourges although it is still referred to as Paris–Bourges on the UCI calendar and throughout much of the media.[1]

The first race was run in 1913, and won by André Narcy and it has been an annual event since 1990. Since 1949, it has been for professionals, after previously being an amateur race. It is held as a 1.1 event in the UCI Europe Tour. It previously featured as the last of the French Road Cycling Cup series of races.


Rider Team
1913 France Narcy, AndreAndré Narcy (FRA) individual
No race
1917 Belgium Juseret, CharlesCharles Juseret (BEL) individual
No race
1922 France Godard, MarcelMarcel Godard (FRA) individual
1923 France Brunier, JeanJean Brunier (FRA) J.B. Louvet-Soly
1924 France Bidot, MarcelMarcel Bidot (FRA) La Française-Diamant-Dunlop
1925 France Gaston Deschamps (FRA) individual
No race
1947 France Bourlon, AlbertAlbert Bourlon (FRA) Peugeot-Dunlop
1948 France Dussault, MarcelMarcel Dussault (FRA) Stella-Dunlop
1949 France Dussault, MarcelMarcel Dussault (FRA) Stella-Dunlop
1950 France Audaire, AmandAmand Audaire (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1951 France Goasmat, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Goasmat (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1952 France Bober, StanislasStanislas Bober (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1953 France Varnajo, RobertRobert Varnajo (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1954 France Stablinski, JeanJean Stablinski (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1955 France Cieleska, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Cieleska (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1956 France Morvan, JosephJoseph Morvan (FRA) Arrow-Hutchinson
1957 France Guegan, RaymondRaymond Guegan (FRA) Essor-Leroux
No race
1971 France Ricci, WalterWalter Ricci (FRA) Sonolor-Lejeune
1972 France Guimard, CyrilleCyrille Guimard (FRA) Gan-Mercier-Hutchinson
1973 France Berland, RolandRoland Berland (FRA) Bic
1974 United Kingdom Hoban, BarryBarry Hoban (GBR) Gan-Mercier-Hutchinson
1975 France Danguillaume, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Danguillaume (FRA) Peugeot-BP-Michelin
1976 France Molineris, Jean-LucJean-Luc Molineris (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1977 France Delepine, RegisRégis Delepine (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1978 France Ovion, RegisRégis Ovion (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1979 France Bernaudeau, Jean ReneJean-René Bernaudeau (FRA) Renault-Gitane
1980 France Hézard, YvesYves Hézard (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1981 France Castaing, FrancisFrancis Castaing (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1982 France Vanoverschelde, DidierDidier Vanoverschelde (FRA) La Redoute-Motobécane
1983 Republic of Ireland Roche, StephenStephen Roche (IRL) Peugeot-Shell-Michelin
1984 Republic of Ireland Kelly, SeanSean Kelly (IRL) Skil-Reydel
1985 Switzerland Ruttimann, NikiNiki Ruttimann (SUI) La Vie Claire
1986 France Lecrocq, DominiqueDominique Lecrocq (FRA) Système U
1987 Denmark Andersen, KimKim Andersen (DEN) Toshiba-Look
1988 France Esnault, PatricePatrice Esnault (FRA) R.M.O.
1989 No race
1990 France Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert (FRA) Toshiba
1991 Soviet Union Tchmil, AndreiAndrei Tchmil (URS) S.E.F.B.-Saxon
1992 Belgium Nelissen, WilfriedWilfried Nelissen (BEL) Panasonic-Sportlife
1993 France Cornillet, BrunoBruno Cornillet (FRA) Novemail-Histor
1994 Denmark Michaelsen, LarsLars Michaelsen (DEN) Catavana-A.S. Corbeil
1995 Italy Nardello, DanieleDaniele Nardello (ITA) Mapei–GB–Latexco
1996 Netherlands Hoffman, TristanTristan Hoffman (NED) TVM–Farm Frites
1997 France Roux, LaurentLaurent Roux (FRA) TVM–Farm Frites
1998 Belgium Dierckxsens, LudoLudo Dierckxsens (BEL) Lotto–Mobistar
1999 Italy Nardello, DanieleDaniele Nardello (ITA) Mapei–Quick-Step
2000 France Brochard, LaurentLaurent Brochard (FRA) Jean Delatour
2001 France Brard, FlorentFlorent Brard (FRA) Festina
2002 Denmark Johansen, AllanAllan Johansen (DEN) Team Fakta
2003 Germany Voigt, JensJens Voigt (GER) Crédit Agricole
2004 France Pineau, JeromeJérôme Pineau (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2005 Denmark Bak, LarsLars Bak (DEN) Team CSC
2006 France Voeckler, ThomasThomas Voeckler (FRA) Bouygues Télécom
2007 France Feillu, RomainRomain Feillu (FRA) Agritubel
2008 Austria Eisel, BernhardBernhard Eisel (AUT) Team Columbia
2009 Germany Greipel, AndréAndré Greipel (GER) Team Columbia–HTC
2010 France Ravard, AnthonyAnthony Ravard (FRA) Ag2r–La Mondiale
2011 Australia Hayman, MathewMathew Hayman (AUS) Team Sky
2012 France Vachon, FlorianFlorian Vachon (FRA) Bretagne–Schuller
2013 Germany Degenkolb, JohnJohn Degenkolb (GER) Argos–Shimano
2014 Germany Degenkolb, JohnJohn Degenkolb (GER) Giant–Shimano
2015 Republic of Ireland Bennett, SamSam Bennett (IRL) Bora–Argon 18
2016 Republic of Ireland Bennett, SamSam Bennett (IRL) Bora–Argon 18


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