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Race details
Date Mid-April
Region Normandy, France
English name Paris–Camembert
Local name(s) Paris–Camembert Trophée Lepetit (French)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1934 (1934)
Editions 78 (as of 2017)
First winner  Louis Thietard (FRA)
Most wins  Laurent Brochard (FRA) (3 times)
Most recent  Nacer Bouhanni (FRA)

Paris–Camembert (also Paris–Camembert Trophée Lepetit or Paris–Camembert Lepetit) is a semi classic held annually in April. Since 2005, the race is organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. The 200 kilometres (120 mi) race starts in Magnanville, near Paris, and finishes in Vimoutiers overtaking difficulties such as côte de Canapville, côte du Moulin Neuf and Mur des Champeaux just 10 km (6.2 mi) from the finish line. Historically, the race attracted a mostly French field of riders, but the field has become increasingly more diverse. By the 1970s famous riders were regularly participating and sometimes winning the race: riders such as Bernard Hinault and Joop Zoetemelk added celebrity and allure to the race. Teams based in France most heavily contest the race, but the race today also draws UCI ProTour teams. Some riders also use the race in preparation for the Ardennes classics.


Rider Team
1934 France Thietard, LouisLouis Thietard (FRA) individual
1935 France Bat, MarcelMarcel Bat (FRA) Essor-Hutchinson
1936 France Marie, YvanYvan Marie (FRA) La Perle-Hutchinson
1937 France Auville, AndreAndré Auville (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1938 France Goasmat, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Goasmat (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1939 France Cloarec, PierrePierre Cloarec (FRA) A. Leducq-Hutchinson
1940 No race
1941 No race
1942 France Goutorbe, JosephJoseph Goutorbe (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1943 France Cosson, VictorVictor Cosson (FRA) Europe-Dunlop
1944 France Muer, Maurice DeMaurice De Muer (FRA) Peugeot-Dunlop
1945 No race
1946 Italy Neri, PaulPaul Neri (ITA) France Sport-Dunlop
1947 France Dorgebray, RobertRobert Dorgebray (FRA) Peugeot-Dunlop
1948 France Remy, RaoulRaoul Remy (FRA) La Perle-Hutchinson
1949 France Rey, JeanJean Rey (FRA) Mercier-R. Lapébie
1950 France Strat, Ange LeAnge Le Strat (FRA) La Perle-Hutchinson
1951 France Baldassari, JeanJean Baldassari (FRA) Mercier-Le Grevès
1952 France Varnajo, RobertRobert Varnajo (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1953 France Gueguen, JeanJean Gueguen (FRA) Mercier-Hutchinson
1954 France Bauvin, GilbertGilbert Bauvin (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1955 France Cieleska, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Cieleska (FRA) Gitane-Hutchinson
1956 France Fournier, ReneRené Fournier (FRA) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1957 France Groussard, JosephJoseph Groussard (FRA) Essor-Leroux
1958 France Barone, NicolasNicolas Barone (FRA) Saint Raphaël-Geminiani
1959 France Barone, NicolasNicolas Barone (FRA) Saint Raphaël-Geminiani
1960 France Groussard, JosephJoseph Groussard (FRA) Helyett-Fynsec
1961 France Annaert, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Annaert (FRA) Saint Raphaël-Geminiani
1962 Netherlands Rentmeester, PietPiet Rentmeester (NED) Gitane-Leroux
1963 France Simon, JacquesJacques Simon (FRA) Saint Raphaël-Geminiani
1964 Netherlands Hartog, Arie denArie den Hartog (NED) Saint Raphaël-Gitane
1965 France Everaert, PierrePierre Everaert (FRA) Ford France-Gitane
1966 France Letort, DésiréDésiré Letort (FRA) Peugeot-BP-Michelin
1967 France Chappe, GeorgesGeorges Chappe (FRA) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1968 Netherlands Steevens, HarryHarry Steevens (NED) Willem II-Gazelle
1969 France Riotte, RaymondRaymond Riotte (FRA) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1970 France Chappe, GeorgesGeorges Chappe (FRA) Fagor-Mercier-Hutchinson
1971 France Moneyron, GérardGérard Moneyron (FRA) Fagor-Mercier-Hutchinson
1972 France Catieau, JoseJosé Catieau (FRA) Sonolor-Lejeune
1973 France Delephin, RegisRegis Delephin (FRA) Gan-Mercier-Hutchinson
1974 France Santy, AlainAlain Santy (FRA) Gan-Mercier-Hutchinson
1975 France Martin, RaymondRaymond Martin (FRA) Miko-Mercier
1976 France Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault (FRA) Gitane-Campagnolo
1977 France Linard, HubertHubert Linard (FRA) Peugeot-Esso-Michelin
1978 Netherlands Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk (NED) COOP-Mercier
1979 France Martin, RaymondRaymond Martin (FRA) COOP-Mercier
1980 France Villemiane, Pierre-RaymondPierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA) Renault-Elf-Gitane
1981 France Gallopin, GuyGuy Gallopin (FRA) Sem-France Loire-Campagnolo
1982 France Jourdan, ChristianChristian Jourdan (FRA) La Redoute-Motobécane
1983 France Jourdan, ChristianChristian Jourdan (FRA) La Redoute-Motobécane
1984 France Linard, HubertHubert Linard (FRA) Peugeot-Shell-Michelin
1985 France Gayant, MartialMartial Gayant (FRA) Renault-Elf-Gitane
1986 Denmark Andersen, KimKim Andersen (DEN) La Vie Claire
1987 Netherlands Hermans, MathieuMathieu Hermans (NED) Caja Rural-Orbea
1988 France Fignon, LaurentLaurent Fignon (FRA) Système U
1989 Germany Kappes, AndreasAndreas Kappes (GER) Toshiba
1990 France Marie, ThierryThierry Marie (FRA) Castorama
1991 Denmark Holm, BrianBrian Holm (DEN) Histor-Sigma
1992 France Esnault, PatricePatrice Esnault (FRA) Chazal-Vanille et Mûre
1993 Kazakhstan Kozlitine, OlegOleg Kozlitine (KAZ) Chazal-Vetta-MBK
1994 France Las Cuevas, Armand DeArmand De Las Cuevas (FRA) Castorama
1995 Belgium Tchmil, AndreiAndrei Tchmil (BEL) Lotto–Isoglass
1996 Italy Baffi, AdrianoAdriano Baffi (ITA) Mapei–GB
1997 Switzerland Gianetti, MauroMauro Gianetti (SUI) Française des Jeux
1998 France Lino, PascalPascal Lino (FRA) Big Mat-Auber 93
1999 Italy Fontanelli, FabianoFabiano Fontanelli (ITA) Mercatone Uno–Bianchi
2000 France Rous, DidierDidier Rous (FRA) Bonjour
2001 France Brochard, LaurentLaurent Brochard (FRA) Jean Delatour
2002 Sweden Ljungqvist, MarcusMarcus Ljungqvist (SWE) Team Fakta
2003 France Brochard, LaurentLaurent Brochard (FRA) AG2R Prévoyance
2004 France Bouyer, FranckFranck Bouyer (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2005 France Brochard, LaurentLaurent Brochard (FRA) Bouygues Télécom
2006 France Geslin, AnthonyAnthony Geslin (FRA) Bouygues Télécom
2007 France Joly, SebastienSébastien Joly (FRA) Française des Jeux
2008 Spain Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde (ESP) Caisse d'Epargne
2009 France Casper, JimmyJimmy Casper (FRA) Besson Chaussures-Sojasun
2010 France Minard, SébastienSébastien Minard (FRA) Cofidis
2011 France Casar, SandySandy Casar (FRA) FDJ
2012 France Périchon, Pierre-LucPierre-Luc Périchon (FRA) La Pomme Marseille
2013 France Fédrigo, PierrickPierrick Fédrigo (FRA) FDJ
2014 France Coquard, BryanBryan Coquard (FRA) Team Europcar
2015 France Loubet, JulienJulien Loubet (FRA) Team Marseille 13 KTM
2016 France Gautier, CyrilCyril Gautier (FRA) AG2R La Mondiale
2017 France Bouhanni, NacerNacer Bouhanni (FRA) Cofidis

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