Paris Rollergirls

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Paris Rollergirls
League logo
Metro area Paris
Country France
Founded 2010
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Université de Nanterre
Affiliations WFTDA

The Paris Rollergirls is a roller derby league based in Paris, France. Founded in February 2010, the league currently consists of a single team which competes against teams from other leagues.


The league was founded by Inès Habhab, following the release of Whip It! in France (under the title Bliss). As the sport was not established in France, she was assisted by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in forming a league.[1] In October 2010, the league was accepted as an apprentice member of the WFTDA,[2] and it became a full member of the WFTDA in June 2013.[3]

The league has been described as diverse, with French skaters joined by some originally from Finland, Germany, Indonesia and the United States. In May 2011, the team defeated the B-team of the German champions, Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz.[4]

More than half of the skaters for France at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup are from the Paris Rollergirls.[5]


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