Passage in Time

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Passage in Time
Quo Vadis - PiT.jpg
Compilation album by Quo Vadis
Released September, 2001
Recorded At various locations between 1995 and 2001
Genre Melodic death metal
Progressive death metal
Technical death metal
Length 40:54
Label Skyscraper Records
Producer Quo Vadis and others
Quo Vadis chronology
Day into Night
(2000)Day into Night2000
Passage in Time
Defiant Imagination
(2004)Defiant Imagination2004
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Sputnik 3.9/5 link

Passage in Time is a compilation album by the Canadian melodic death metal band Quo Vadis and was released in 2001 by Skyscraper Music. It contains their entire 1995 Demo, a rerecorded version of Vital Signs, a remixed version of the Hunted, and two live songs recorded at Foufounes Electriques in Montreal and the music video for Dysgenics.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Notes Length
1. "Vital Signs 2000" Arie Itman Itman, Bart Frydrychowicz Vital Signs 2000, As One, The Hunted (Hunter-Killer Remix) were recorded, mixed and mastered at Victor Studios, Montreal, Canada from June 30th to September 17th 1999. Recorded by Pierre Remillard, Louis Legault, and Jean-Francois Dagenais. Mixed by Pierre Remillard and Quo Vadis. 3:11
2. "As One" Itman Itman   4:07
3. "The Hunted (Hunter-Killer Remix)" Itman Itman   3:51
4. "Dysgenics (Live)" Itman Itman Live tracks recorded at Foufounes Electriques, Montreal on March 11th, 2001 by Yannick St-Amant. Mixed by JF Dagenais at Victor Studios. 6:09
5. "Point of no Return - Mute Requiem (Live)" Frydrychowicz Frydrychowicz   5:29
6. "Element of the Ensemble (1995)" Yanic Bercier Itman, Frydrychowicz 1995 Demo tracks were recorded at Gilles Peltier Studio between January 4–5, and Bass was recorded at Peter Pan Studio in July 1995. Tracks mixed by Tom MacDonald and mastered by Sylvain Brisebois. 3:25
7. "Sons of Greed (1995)" Frydrychowicz Frydrychowicz, Itman   5:22
8. "Vital Signs (1995)" Itman Itman, Frydrychowicz   5:01
9. "Sadness (1995)" Instrumental Frydrychowicz   4:48
Total length: 40:54