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The three varieties of Passion Pop in an Australian bottle shop, along with other low-cost wines

Passion Pop is an Australian alcoholic beverage, labelled as a carbonated "passion flavoured" juice-based beverage. Now an Australian icon and has been a market leader in the Flavoured Sparkling Wine category for over 30 years. Passion Pop's low price made it very popular amongst female Australian students and teenagers. The product was created by Frank (Pop) Miranda in 1977–78 at the C-Sekda winery (Miranda Wines Pty Ltd) in Griffith, New South Wales. The rights for the product were then sold to Australian Vintage. Passion Pop is now owned and produced by Australian Vintage[1] and comes in four different flavours: original (passionfruit), mixed berry, pink (strawberry),[2] and watermelon.


Passion Pop is labelled as a carbonated 'flavoured' juice and comes in 750 ml bottles. The drink is 9.5% alcohol, meaning that one bottle contains 5.6 standard drinks. Passion Pop comes in a 750 mL glass "champagne-style" bottle. It was one of the first beverage products in Australia to utilise a plastic stopper (or "cork").[3] Passion Pop has recently[when?] modernised its packaging; deviating from the simple white label, to a more elaborate one. The label reads "Perfect for sharing with friends, delightfully fruity and refreshing." [4]


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