Pathri (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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Pathri (Assembly constituency) [1] is one of four constituencies of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha located in the Parbhani district.

It is a part of the Parbhani (Lok Sabha constituency) along with five other assembly constituencies, viz Jintur, Parbhani and Gangakhed from Parbhani district and Partur and Ghanasawangi from Jalna district.

Along with whole Pathri taluka, Pathri Vidhan Sabha constituency also includes whole of Manwath and Sonpeth taluka.[2]

Current(2014-2019) representative from this constituency in Maharashtra state assembly is Mohan Phad who was independent candidate.[3]

Members of Legislative Assembly[edit]


 Shiv Sena    NCP    Independent  

Election Member Party
1990 Haribhau Vitthalrao Lahane Shiv Sena
1995 Haribhau Lahane Shiv Sena
1999 Haribhau Lahane Shiv Sena
2004 Durrani Abdullah Khan A. Latif Khan NCP
2009 Mira Kalyanrao Renge[4] Shiv Sena
2014 Mohan Phad Independent

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