Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery

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Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery
Hangul 애국렬사
Hanja 愛國烈士
Revised Romanization Aeguk Yeolsa Neung
McCune–Reischauer Aeguk Ryŏlsa Rŭng

The Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery is a national cemetery located in Sinmi-dong, Hyongjesan-guyok, Pyongyang. Founded on September 17, 1986, it is officially reserved for people who contributed to the "liberation of the country" and "socialist construction". Buried here are many veterans of the Korean independence movement, army and national officials, and outstanding citizens in the fields of science, medicine, and literature.


The Patriotic Tombs are one level lower than the Daesong Mountain Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It was opened in 1986. When the South Korea Press JoongAng Ilbo confirmed in 2007, there were 662 famous people buried in this area.


Among those interred here are:





  • Mu Jong (무정/; May 16, 1904 - August 9, 1951), general





  • U Chi-son (우치선/于致善; November 2, 1919 – November 8, 2003), ceramic artist


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