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Series logo
Created by John Callahan[1]
Developed by
Written by Andrew Nicholls
Darrell Vickers
Darwin Vickers
Todd Thicke
Mary-Colin Chisholm
Christian Murray
John Pellatt
Kenn Scott
Starring Robert Tinkler
Julie Lemieux
David Arquette as Mr. Jimmy
Peter Oldring
Phil Guerrero
Kim Kuhteubl
Tracey Moore[2]
Composer(s) Pure West
Country of origin Canada
United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Michael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
John Callahan
Deborah Levin
Producer(s) Alice Bell
Production company(s) The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Nickelodeon Productions
Suzhou Hong Ying Animation Corporation Limited
Nelvana Limited
Original network CBC (Canada)
Nickelodeon (U.S.)
Original release October 5, 2000 – November 14, 2002

Pelswick is a Canadian/Taiwanese/American animated television series co-produced by Nelvana Limited and Suzhou Hong Ying Animation Corporation Limited in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Nickelodeon. The series is about a teenage boy who uses a wheelchair, emphasized how he lived a normal life and was based on the books created by John Callahan.[3][4] It aired during Nick on CBS on September 14, 2002, then ended in November the same year.


  • Pelswick Eggert (voiced by Robert Tinkler) - A 13-year-old boy who uses a wheelchair. How he became a paraplegic is not revealed in the series, but the series' creators implied through commentary it was due to a car accident. He dislikes it when people treat him differently because of his disability. He does not like following the crowd and he sometimes makes bad choices.
  • Ace Nakamura (voiced by Phil Guerrero) - One of Pelswick's best friends. Ace is technologically smarter than any of his friends, often leading him to be the thinker of the situation.
  • Goon Gunderson (voiced by Peter Oldring) - One of Pelswick's best friends. Huge and notably slow-witted in his actions and thoughts, Goon is generally good-hearted but rather dangerous when angry. He does not know that wrestling is staged.
  • Julie Smockford (voiced by Julie Lemieux) - A pampered red-haired girl and one of Pelswick's friends. She hates all the cliques and popularity contests at school and seems to care mostly about her popularity and image. Julie is very bossy, smart, dramatic, a spoiled brat, sometimes annoying, and cares a lot for Pelswick. Pelswick is also in love with her but she only thinks of him as a best friend. Julie believes in justice for all.
  • Sandra Scoddle (voiced by Kim Kuhteubl) - Julie's snooty and arrogant best friend/rival and one of Pelswick's friends. She thinks she's better than everyone else and often bickers with Julie. She thinks she is cool, but she's not. She gets roped into the latest fads.
  • Mr. Jimmy (voiced by David Arquette) - Pelswick's guardian angel who often gives him advice that confuses him until the last moment, no matter what it is. Pelswick can't stand him and his stories. He is also the comic relief of the show.
  • Kate Eggert (voiced by Tracey Moore) - Pelswick's precocious 7-year-old little sister. She treats her reputation as a little sister like a business and usually blackmails Pelswick when butting into his business. She has dreams of owning a big corporation.
  • Bobby Eggert - Pelswick's and Kate's baby brother. He doesn't talk a lot and admires Pelswick.
  • Quentin Eggert (voiced by Tony Rosato) - Pelswick's, Kate's, and Bobby's politically correct father who works as a college professor until he is fired in "The Case of the Filched Files." He later gets his job back. He wants to do everything by the book.
  • Gram-Gram (Priscilla Eggert) (voiced by Ellen Ray Hennessy) - Pelswick's, Kate's, and Bobby's deranged grandmother. She often does "extreme" acts beyond that of a grandmother. Most of these acts results in her getting arrested.
  • Boyd Scullarzo (voiced by Chuck Campbell) - The bully of Pelswick's school who likes bullying Pelswick, not physically but with humiliation.
  • Vice-Principal Ziegler (voiced by David Huband) - The vice-principal of Alcatraz Junior High (Pelswick's school). Despite his title, he usually assumes the role of a principal. Throughout the show, there is no mention of there being a principal at Alcatraz Junior High. During the second episode of the series, this issue was addressed by Goon Gunderson who questioned why their school had a vice-principal but no principal.



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