People's Park, Paterson

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People's Park is a section of Paterson, New Jersey in the Eastside neighborhood. It is a mixed use area with a diverse population. It is roughly bounded by I-80 to the south, Madison Avenue to the east, Cedar Street to the north and Straight Street to the south. It is a mostly residential neighborhood located north of 23rd Avenue and South of Market Street.

In the late 1940s, Paterson State Teachers College was located in the upper two floors of Public School #24 located at the intersection of East 22nd Street and 19th Ave. Hugh Robinson attended PS24 during this period.

The section of Twenty-First Avenue in this area was once a predominately Italian neighborhood, but today it has a large Hispanic population and is referred to as La Ventiuno by Paterson's Spanish Speaking Community. It is an active and vibrant retail strip featuring a variety of shops and services catering to a diverse clientele. Although there is still a significant Italian presence left in the neighborhood, it also has a large first-generation Hispanic population, particularly Colombian.[1][2]

The neighborhood is the location of two stops of a possible Passaic–Bergen Rail Line[3]


Coordinates: 40°54′15″N 74°09′09″W / 40.904042°N 74.152479°W / 40.904042; -74.152479