Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations

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Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations
Coat of arms of Chile.svg
Cristian Barros

since 16 April 2014
Style His Excellency
Appointer Michelle Bachelet
Inaugural holder Hernán Santa Cruz
Formation 1946
Website Permanent Mission

The role of the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations is as the leader of the Chilean delegation to the United Nations in New York and as head of the Permanent Mission of Chile to the UN. The position has the rank and status of an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and is also the representative of Chile in the United Nations Security Council (2014–2015).

The Permanent Representative, currently Cristian Barros, is charged with representing Chile, both through its non-permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council and also during plenary meetings of the General Assembly, except in the rare situation in which a more senior officer (such as the Minister for Foreign Affairs or the President) is present.

Office holders[edit]

Incumbent Start of Term End of Term
Gabriel González Videla (Head of Delegation) 1945 1946
Hernán Santa Cruz 1946 1953
Rudecindo Ortega Masson 1953 1956
Roberto Aldunate León 1956 1960
Daniel Schweitzer 1960 1966
José Piñera Carvallo 1966 1970
Humberto Diaz Casanueva 1970 1973
Ismael Huerta 1974 1977
Sergio Diez 1977 1982
Manuel Trucco Gaete 1982 1984
Pedro Daza 1984 1990
Juan Somavia 1990 1999
Juan Gabriel Valdés 2000 2003
Heraldo Muñoz 2003 2010
Octavio Errázuriz 2010 2014
Cristian Barros 2014 present

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