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Petar Velimirović (16 January 1848 – 23 December 1911) was a Serbian politician.


Velimirović was born in Sikole, Negotin. He graduated from the Polytechnic in Zurich In 1876 he was arrested as a follower of Svetozar Marković for his participation in the socialist events in Kragujevac, and then emigrated to the Hungary.

Was first elected a deputy 1880.

One of the founders of the People's Radical Party. After Timok Rebellion was crushed in 1883, he emigrated to Bulgaria.

He was appointed as Minister of Construction in 1887, in the cabinet of Jovan Ristić, and the same department had in the cabinets Đorđe Simić, Nikola Pašić and Sava Grujić.

At the end of 1902, Velimirović formed his own cabinet, which was short-lived (one month).

In 1903, Velimirović was Chairman of the National Assembly session, which was decided on the choice of Petar I for the King of Serbia.

Velimirović was the head of the cabinet for the second time from 7 July 1908 to 11 February 1909.

He died in Belgrade, aged 63.

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