Avram Petronijević

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Avram Petronijević
Аврам Петронијевић
Avram Petronijević.jpg
Representative of the Prince of Serbia
In office
26 February 1839 – 7 April 1840
Monarch Miloš I,
Michael I
Preceded by Koca Marković
Succeeded by Paun Janković
Representative of the Prince of Serbia
In office
7 September 1842 – 6 October 1843
Monarch Alexander I
Preceded by Đorđe Protić
Succeeded by Aleksa Simić
Representative of the Prince of Serbia
In office
11 October 1844 – 22 April 1852
Monarch Alexander I
Preceded by Aleksa Simić
Succeeded by Ilija Garašanin
Personal details
Born 13 September 1791
Tekija, Ottoman Empire
Died 22 April 1852 (1852-04-23) (aged 60)
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Political party None

Avram Petronijević (September 13, 1791 – April 22, 1852) was a politician and several times Foreign Minister of the Principality of Serbia.

Petronijević was born in Tekija, on the Danube. He taught school in neighboring Orşova (Romania), and in 1817 he returned to Serbia. He became the personal secretary of Prince Miloš Obrenović. He was a member of the Serbian deputation in Constantinople from 1821 until 1826, and later several times a Serbian deputy (ćehaja) at the Turkish government (Sublime Porte). Later, with Toma Vučić-Perišić, Petronijević stood at the head of Ustavobranioci (Defenders of the Constitution) against the Prince Prince Miloš Obrenović. During the reign of Prince Alexander Karađorđevic, from 1844 until his death he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Representative of the Prince (or Prime Minister). He died in Tsargrad (Constantinople) on April 22, 1852 and was buried in the church of St. Petka on the Bosporus, in addition to Samuilo Jakovljević, his colleague from deputation, who died in 1824.

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