Philadelphia International Airport Terminals (SEPTA)

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Philadelphia International Airport 20 airtransportation.svg
SEPTA regional rail
Philadelphia Airport SEPTA Station; Terminals E & F.jpg
The end of the line at Terminals E & F
Owned by SEPTA
Platforms 2 platforms per terminal
1 island platform and 1 side platform (Terminals E & F)
Tracks 2
Connections City Bus SEPTA City Bus: 37
Suburban Bus SEPTA Suburban Bus: 108, 115
Parking No
Disabled access yes (all terminals)
Other information
Fare zone 4
Opened April 28, 1985
Preceding station   SEPTA.svg SEPTA   Following station
Terminus Airport Line

Philadelphia International Airport Terminals are a series of railroad stations that are designed to connect SEPTA Regional Rail with the Philadelphia International Airport. Rather than a single station, it is a complex of four stations throughout the airport for six terminals.


Airport Terminal A-East/A-West[edit]

  • Airport Terminal A East serves Gates A1-A13.
  • Airport Terminal A West serves Gates A14-A26.

The Terminal A-West/A-East station is adjacent to Terminal A-East. Terminal A-West check-in is only accessible via an uncovered curbside walkway or a circuitous series of walkways. The station entered service in 1990, five years after the rest of the line, when Terminal A opened. In 2013, this station saw 686 boardings and 617 alightings on an average weekday.[1]

Airport Terminal B[edit]

  • Airport Terminal B serves Gates B1-B16. A food court and shopping area exists between Terminals B and C. The Airport Marriott is located adjacent to Terminal B. In 2013, this station saw 561 boardings and 592 alightings on an average weekday.[1]

The stations for Terminal A and Terminal B share platforms on one side of the track. Trains stop at one end for Terminal A and the other end for Terminal B.[2]

Airport Terminals C & D[edit]

  • Airport Terminal C serves Gates C17-C30.
  • Airport Terminal D serves Gates D1-D16.

In 2013, this station saw 756 boardings and 431 alightings on an average weekday.[1]

Airport Terminals E & F[edit]

  • Airport Terminal E serves Gates E1-E17.
  • Airport Terminal F serves Gates F1-F39.

In 2013, this station saw 450 boardings and 454 alightings on an average weekday.[1]

Each of the four stations is fully handicapped accessible and is located next to the baggage claim at each terminal with escalator and elevator access from each terminal's skyway. Incoming trains from the city first arrive at Terminal A, and arrive last at Terminals E and F, where the line terminates.

Although the airport is located less than 10 miles from Center City, the stations are located in zone 4. Therefore, commuters are currently charged US $8.00 one-way to any of the five stations in the Center City zone, the same fare as anybody else traveling to and from zone 4. This "evening fare" price applies all day, every day. Advance purchases can be made at the Center City stations, and by mail-order through the Transit Store link on SEPTA's website. No parking is available at any of the stations.


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