Estación Pichilemu

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Estación Pichilemu
Pichilemu railway station in 2013.
Pichilemu railway station in 2013.
Estación Pichilemu is located in Pichilemu
Estación Pichilemu
Alternative names Ex Estación de Ferrocarriles
General information
Type Railway station
Location Pichilemu, Chile
Address Aníbal Pinto avenue.
Coordinates 34°23′08.42″S 72°00′09.30″W / 34.3856722°S 72.0025833°W / -34.3856722; -72.0025833
Construction started c. 1925
Owner Municipality of Pichilemu
Technical details
Floor count 1

Estación Pichilemu, also known as the Estación de Ferrocarriles de Pichilemu (Spanish: Railway station of Pichilemu) was a railway station in Pichilemu, Chile. It is a wood construction dated c. 1925,[1] located in front of the Petrel Lake, near Daniel Ortúzar Avenue (34°23′08.42″S 72°00′09.30″W / 34.3856722°S 72.0025833°W / -34.3856722; -72.0025833). It remained in operation until the 1990s, and became a National Monument on September 16, 1994.[2] It has since become an arts and culture center, and tourism information office.[3] It exhibits decorative and practical objects from the 1920s, and features many old suits.


357 kilometres (222 mi) of railway line were constructed in the O'Higgins Region, but only 161 kilometres (100 mi) still exists.[4] The 119 kilometres (74 mi) San FernandoPichilemu section was constructed over a period of 57 years between 1869 and 1926.[1] Passenger services operated on the line until 1986 and freight services were operational until 1995.[4]

In 2006, the PeralilloPichilemu section was removed completely.[4][5][6]


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