Koromiko, New Zealand

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Koromiko is located in New Zealand Marlborough
Coordinates: 41°20′23″S 173°57′45″E / 41.33972°S 173.96250°E / -41.33972; 173.96250Coordinates: 41°20′23″S 173°57′45″E / 41.33972°S 173.96250°E / -41.33972; 173.96250
Country New Zealand
Region Marlborough
Picton Airport is located at Koromiko

Koromiko is a locality in Marlborough, New Zealand. State Highway 1 runs through the area. Picton is about 6.5 km (4.0 mi) to the northeast, and Blenheim is about 21 km (13 mi) to the south.[1][2]

Picton Aerodrome is located at Koromiko. It has flights to and from Wellington several times a day operated by Sounds Air.[3]


Koromiko School was a coeducational full primary (years 1–8) school. It was founded in 1873,[4] and closed at the beginning of 2013.[5]


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