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Chapelle de Pikelot.png
Pikelot Catholic Chapel
Pikelot is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Pikelot in the Pacific Ocean
Area0.126 km2 (0.049 sq mi)
Length0.45 km (0.28 mi)
Width0.28 km (0.174 mi)
Highest elevation4 m (13 ft)
Federated States of Micronesia

Pikelot Island is one of the outer islands of the State of Yap, part of the Federated States of Micronesia. It is a low coral islet, with a wet, tropical climate.[1] It is uninhabited.

Flora and fauna[edit]

The island is known to have a rich ecosystem, with forest and scrub; and extensive fringing reefs. The islet is also home to a major seabird rookery, turtle nesting area and a few mangroves.


The islet has no permanent inhabitants, but because of the beautiful wildlife, there are often temporary visitors from surrounding atolls such as Puluwat and Satawal on turtle hunting expeditions. The trip to Pikelot is still carried out in Micronesian style sailing outrigger canoes.


The first recorded European sighting was by Spanish naval officer Juan Antonio de Ibargoitia commanding the vessel Filipino in 1801.[2]

In August 2020, three sailors who went missing were found on the island. After being lost for three days, their SOS sign, assembled with palm branches laid out on the beach, was spotted by a US aircraft, which radioed their position to an Australian ship in the area. The men were eventually rescued by a helicopter from HMAS Canberra and returned home in a Micronesian patrol vessel.[3][4][5]

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Coordinates: 8°06′18″N 147°38′47″E / 8.10500°N 147.64639°E / 8.10500; 147.64639