Pingat Gagah Perkasa

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Pingat Gagah Perkasa
Pingat Gagah Perkasa medal.png

Pingat Gagah Perkasa ribbon (from 1996).png
Medal and ribbon
Awarded by Singapore
Type Order of Honour
Eligibility Police and citizens of Singapore
Awarded for outstanding performance or exceptional bravery
Status Currently issued
Established 1962
Next (higher) Pingat Kehormatan
Equivalent Pingat Gagah Perkasa (Tentera)
Next (lower) Pingat Jasa Gemilang
Pingat Gagah Perkasa ribbon (1962–1996).png
Ribbon prior to 1996

The Pingat Gagah Perkasa (Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, 杰出英勇奖章), instituted in 1962, is awarded to members of the Singapore Police Force, as well as members of the Singaporean public who displayed outstanding performance or exceptional bravery in situations involving a threat to personal danger. For these acts to be recognised, they have to be performed in Singapore, although exceptions may be made.

The Pingat Gagah Perkasa (Tentera) is the Singapore Armed Forces equivalent award.


  • The medal is silver-gilt and consists, on the obverse side, of a four-lobed artifice with radiating lines superimposed upon a crossed swords. In the centre of the artifice is a five-pointed star encircled by a laurel wreath. At the base of the artifice is a scroll with the inscription "PINGAT GAGAH PERKASA".
  • The reverse bears the State Arms.
  • The ribbon is white with red edge stripes and a purple central stripe bearing two white stripes.

Award recipients[edit]