Pingxing Pass

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Pingxing Pass
Location China
Coordinates 39°19′15.18″N 113°55′24.87″E / 39.3208833°N 113.9235750°E / 39.3208833; 113.9235750

Pingxing Pass (simplified Chinese: 平型关; traditional Chinese: 平型關; pinyin: Píxíng Guān) is a mountain pass in the Shanxi Province of China.

There is a section of the Great Wall of China there.

The Battle of Pingxingguan was fought here between the National Revolutionary Army's 8th Route Army of the Republic of China (under Communist Party of China control) and the Imperial Japanese Army on September 25, 1937.

A 6,188-metre (20,302 ft) long railway tunnel was opened through the pass in 1971.