Coordinates: 46°28′37″N 13°43′20″E / 46.47694°N 13.72222°E / 46.47694; 13.72222
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View of Planica from Slemenova špica
Letalnica bratov Gorišek during a world cup competition
View of the Planica Nordic Centre from Mt. Ciprnik (July 2016)

Planica (Slovene pronunciation: [plaˈnìːtsa])[1] is an Alpine valley in northwestern Slovenia, extending south from the border village of Rateče, not far from another well-known ski resort, Kranjska Gora. Further south, the valley extends into the Tamar Valley, a popular hiking destination in Triglav National Park.

Planica is famous for ski jumping.[2] The first ski jumping hill was constructed before 1930 at the slope of Mount Ponca. In 1933, Ivan Rožman constructed a larger hill, known as the Bloudek Giant (Bloudkova velikanka) after Stanko Bloudek, which later gave rise to ski flying. The venue was completed in 1934.[3] The first ski jump over 100 metres (330 ft) in history was achieved at the hill in 1936 by Sepp Bradl.[4] At the time, it was the biggest jumping hill in the world.

In 1969, a new K185 hill, the Gorišek Brothers Flying Hill (Letalnica bratov Gorišek) was built by Vlado and Janez Gorišek.[5] The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2023 were held in Planica.


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46°28′37″N 13°43′20″E / 46.47694°N 13.72222°E / 46.47694; 13.72222