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This article is about the lakeside community in Ontario. For the city with a similar name in Alaska, see Clark's Point, Alaskahe
The lighthouse in Point Clark

Point Clark is a lakefront cottage community on Lake Huron, in Ontario Canada. It is approximately 15 kilometers south of Kincardine and 40 kilometers north of Goderich. Main streets include Huron Road and Lake Range Road. Point Clark is served by Highway 21 (Ontario). It is a cottage town, and has a rare Imperial Tower style lighthouse. There is a sandy beach and a small harbour with a boat ramp. There are two streams or rivers that run into Lake Huron around Point Clark: Clark Creek and Pine River. There is a separate harbour in the mouth of the Pine River. Amberley is just outside and to the south of Point Clark and Lucknow is to the south-east of Point Clark.


In 1850, Point Clark was originally called The Point. Later, the area was known as Pine Point as a lantern was hung from a pine tree to warn sailors of the shoal off the point, prior to the building of the lighthouse. After settlers moved in from Clark Township, Huron County, the area was known as "Clark's Point". Later, the town received the name it bears today—Point Clark.


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