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P84 is the brand name of the polyimides manufactured by Evonik Fibres, an Evonik Industries company. In some publications, this polymer is referred to as Upjohn PI 2080.

P84 Polyimide fibres[edit]

The base material for P84 fibres is composed of aromatic backbone units only. Despite the non melting aromatic, halogen free structure it is classified as non flammable with an LOI of 38 percent.

P84 fibres are used for a variety of applications ranging from filter media for high temperature filtration, protective clothing, sealing materials for space craft to various high temperature applications such as thermal insulation.

P84 Polyimide solution[edit]

P84 is a fully imidized polyimide. As solution in polar aprotic solvents it is used for coatings in the electric and electronics industry due to its electrical properties such as low dielectric constant or high dielectric strength. Available solvents are dimethylformamide (DMF) or N-methyl pyrrolidon (NMP) or N-ethyl pyrrolidon (NEP).

P84 NT Polyimide powder[edit]

Polyimide powder P84NT shows typical properties of polyimide, such as high temperature stability up to 350°C, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, a low friction coefficient and minimal abrasion.

Using sinter technology, polyimide powder can be manufactured into semi-finished products and components. Industrial applications using this material range from automotive industry and aerospace to industrial applications and office machines.

Properties like friction coefficient, coefficient of thermal expansion, electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity can be adjusted by using compounds with functional fillers.

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