Pont National

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Pont National
Pont National Paris FRA 001.JPG
National Bridge
Coordinates 48°49′42″N 02°23′16″E / 48.82833°N 2.38778°E / 48.82833; 2.38778
Crosses Seine
Locale Paris, France
Next upstream Pont amont
Next downstream Pont de Tolbiac
Design arch bridge
Total length 188,5
Width 34
Construction start 1852
Construction end 1853
Opened 1853

The pont National (named pont Napoléon-III from its construction until 1870) is a road and rail bridge across the Seine in Paris, to the east of the 12th and 13th arrondissements. With a total length of 188.5m, it is made up of 5 masonry arches. Its rail part carries the Petite Ceinture, now disused, and its road part links boulevard Poniatowski to boulevard Masséna. Its nearest Paris Métro stations are Porte de Charenton and Cour Saint-Émilion.


Location on the Seine

It was built between 1852 and 1853 as a railway bridge (to allow the Petite Ceinture line to cross the river) and to link the "enceintes" on the two sides of the river. Its architects were E. Couche, Petit, Gaspard, and Netter. Its width was doubled with an addition on the upstream side in 1936.

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