Pope John Paul II (miniseries)

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Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II DVD2.jpg
Written by John Kent Harrison
Directed by John Kent Harrison
Starring Jon Voight
Cary Elwes
James Cromwell
Ben Gazzara
Christopher Lee
Original language(s) English
Running time 200 min (2 parts)
Distributor CBS
Original release 4 & 7 December 2005 (USA)

Pope John Paul II is a 2005 television miniseries dramatizing the life of Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) from his early adult years in Poland to his death at age 84.

The miniseries was written and directed by John Kent Harrison and aired in the United States on the CBS network on 4 and 7 December 2005. It was first released in Vatican City on 17 November 2005 and ten days later throughout Italy.

Jon Voight portrays an older Karol Wojtyła (after his investiture as pope in 1978), while Cary Elwes portrays Wojtyła in his earlier life from 1939 to 1978. Voight was nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance.

Pope John Paul II co-stars James Cromwell as Archbishop Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha, Ben Gazzara as Agostino Cardinal Casaroli, and Christopher Lee as Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński. Polish actor Mikolaj Grabowski is seen twice playing Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany, who would succeed John Paul II as Pope Benedict XVI.


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