Port Reitz

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Port Reitz
Port Reitz is located in Kenya
Port Reitz
Port Reitz
Location of Port Reitz
Coordinates: 4°2′19″S 39°36′17″E / 4.03861°S 39.60472°E / -4.03861; 39.60472Coordinates: 4°2′19″S 39°36′17″E / 4.03861°S 39.60472°E / -4.03861; 39.60472
Country Kenya
CountyMombasa County
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Port Reitz (/ˌpɔːrˈtrs/; alternatively spelled Portreitz) is a district of Mombasa, Kenya, and is located north-west of the island. It was named after Lieutenant J. J. Reitz, an officer in the Royal Navy, who became commander or resident of Mombasa in February 1824.[1]

Mombasa Airport[edit]

Port Reitz is the location of Moi International Airport, the second largest airport in Kenya. The dual-runway airport was originally named Port Reitz Airport.

Port Reitz Hospital[edit]

At the end of the main Port Reitz road is the Port Reitz District Hospital. The hospital operates specialises as a mental institute, a children's hospital and prosthetics centre. A funeral director is located opposite the hospital complex. The road leading to the complex has come under political criticism due to the neglect of upkeep.[2]


Port Reitz is reached by matatu from Mombasa island. Although Port Reitz is a matatu terminus, shared taxis to Migadini are within walking distance.


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