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Harewood College
Motto "Labor Omnia Vincit"
Type Academy
Headmistress and Headmaster

Debbie Godfrey-Phaure (Executive Head)

Paul Pearce (Headmaster of school)
Location Harewood Avenue
Coordinates: 50°44′20″N 1°49′38″W / 50.73896°N 1.82722°W / 50.73896; -1.82722
DfE number 837/4168
DfE URN 138171 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Students 767
Gender Boys
Ages 11–16

Moore Redgrave Pele

Colours Blue/Yellow/White
Website [1] www.avonbournetrust.org/Harewood-College[1]

Harewood College (Previously "Portchester School"[2]), is a secondary school with academy status in Bournemouth, England, for boys aged 11 to 16. The school was located on Portchester Road but was knocked down and moved to a new site in Harewood Avenue.


In the school there are five technology rooms, five English rooms, seven science rooms, five IT rooms, three MFL rooms, five humanities rooms, five maths rooms and two music rooms, amongst many others. The school has also two drama studios, two halls, a library, a sports lab, a science lab, a fully equipped gym, a sports hall and music studio. There are outdoor tennis and basketball courts. The sports hall is new and is called the Roy Moore Sports Hall. It has seven badminton courts and a rock climbing wall.

School history[edit]

The school opened in January 1940 in the building previously used by Bournemouth School which had been built in 1901. The school took its name from the site's address along Portchester Road and has always been a boys-only school. It would later become a secondary modern school and moved to the present site along Harewood Avenue at Littledown in 1975 next to the sister school, Avonbourne, although the Portchester Road building was also used until 1989. During the time after the school moved to Littledown Pupils attended both schools on alternate days until the 'old school' at Portchester road closed. Fenwick Court is now on the site and is named after Dr Fenwick who was the first headmaster of Bournemouth School. The school changed its name from Portchester School to Harewood College in 2012. Additions have been added to Harewood in recent years and it shares a sports hall, the Roy Moore Sports Hall, with Avonbourne that was built in 2012. Also recently, student Tom Clark became a Guinness world record holder for rowing. The 2012 World Junior and Cadet Kurash Championship was held at Harewood College's Roy Moore Sports Hall, of which a student from the school itself won a second place award. [3]

6th form[edit]

Avonbourne, the school joined with Harewood, recently opened a 6th form that is going on for its second year as of 2013. The 6th form, called Avonbourne 6th form, accepts students of both genders unlike both schools themselves. The 6th form has the same standards as most other 6th forms of the area. This being: 5 C-A* including English and Maths. The deadline for applying to the 6th form has already expired for students willing to go to the 6th form in 2013. No uniform is applied to these students. Pupils from Harewood, Avonbourne and other schools across the borough can join. The building for the 6th form was built in the grounds of Avonbourne school.


The current Head of School is Paul Pearce and the Executive Head is Debbie Godfrey-Phaure. The former headteacher Chris Brady retired in July 2011; he ran the school for over ten years. The school has four assistant heads: Mike Winkworth, Emma Osbourne, Ben Kerslake and John Greetham.

House system[edit]

The school has a house system based on sports personalities: Pelé, Redgrave, MacArthur and Moore. Each year group is split between the houses.


All boys must wear black trousers, white shirt, school tie, dark blue school jumper (or Tuxedo if 'School Captain' status), black shoes. Boys are not allowed to wear any jewellery including rings, piercings or necklaces. Trainers, outside coats, hats, or 'hoodies' are not to be worn inside the school building.

Relationship with Avonbourne[edit]

Avonbourne is the school right next to Harewood, although the schools don't normally interact with each other. From the start of the 2011/12 academic year the schools are working more closely together. The Headteacher of Avonbourne Debbie Godfrey-Phaure became the new Executive Head for both schools. The schools now are part of The Avonbourne International Business and Enterprise Trust.

Peer mediation[edit]

The school has a Peer Mediation Scheme, in which students are trained to resolve arguments between other pupils.

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