Porto Inglês

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Porto Inglês
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Porto Inglês is located in Cape Verde
Porto Inglês
Porto Inglês
Coordinates: 15°08′17″N 23°12′40″W / 15.138°N 23.211°W / 15.138; -23.211Coordinates: 15°08′17″N 23°12′40″W / 15.138°N 23.211°W / 15.138; -23.211
CountryCape Verde
Civil parishNossa Senhora da Luz
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total2,971

Porto Inglês (Portuguese for "English port", also: Cidade do Maio, Vila do Maio) is a city[2] in the southwestern part of the island of Maio in southeastern Cape Verde. It is the main urban settlement of the island, and also seat of the Maio Municipality. Its population was 2,971 in 2010. The name Porto Inglês refers to English ships that exported salt produced on the island of Maio from this town. Salt exploitation continued until the 19th century.[3] The inconclusive Battle of Maio was fought between British and French frigate squadrons close to the town on 23 January 1814 in the last stages of the Napoleonic Wars.

The port of Porto Inglês has ferry services to Praia on the island of Santiago. The domestic Maio Airport lies 1 km north of the city.


Historical population[edit]

Historical population
Year Population
1990 (June 23, Census) 1,573
2000 (June 16, Census) 2,673
2010 (Census) 2,971

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