Portuguese train type 0100

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CP Class 0100
Flickr - nmorao - Regional 6707, Estação de Casa Branca, 2004.12.04.jpg
0113 at Casa Branca station
In service 1948–2005
Manufacturer NOHAB
Constructed 1948
Number built 15
Formation 1 car per trainset, 1 trailer (optional)
Capacity 1st class: 24 seats
2nd class: 70 seats
Operator(s) Comboios de Portugal
Car body construction Steel
Maximum speed 100 km/h (62 mph)
Weight 34.23 t (33.69 long tons; 37.73 short tons)
Traction system Diesel-hydraulic
Prime mover(s) Two per car, 182 hp Saab-Scania D11 - 01 A 11
Transmission Two Voith DIWA 506-380/VTS
Braking system(s) Air
Track gauge 1,668 mm (5 ft 5 2132 in) Iberian gauge

The Série 0100 are a type of single carriage diesel railcar built for Portuguese Railways (CP). They were built by NOHAB of Trollhättan in Sweden in 1948. They were extensively refurbished in 1980. As of 2012 only six units are still in Portugal; the other six were sold to Argentina and the rest were destroyed by fire or accidents.[1] As of 2013 none are in service in Portugal.

Three similar, but smaller, Série 9100 railcars were also supplied by NOHAB in 1949 for use on the metre gauge Tâmega line in northern Portugal.