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Posh Boy Records
PoshBoy logo.jpeg
FounderRobbie Fields
Country of originUnited States
LocationHollywood, Los Angeles, California
Official websitewww.poshboy.com

Posh Boy Records was a Hollywood, California-based record label owned by the American-born, British-educated Robbie "Posh Boy" Fields, a sometime high school substitute teacher and former copy boy at the Los Angeles Times who took an interest in the emerging punk rock scene in Orange County, California during the late 1970s.

The label's releases enjoyed substantial airplay on Rodney Bingenheimer's show on KROQ-FM, and some of them, notably the Fields-produced version of "Amoeba" by the Adolescents and the Stephen Hague-produced electronic rock track "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls" by the Sparks offshoot the Gleaming Spires, made it into regular programming on the station. [1]

Social Distortion was one of many bands whose first recordings were issued by Posh Boy. One of the label's most successful releases was Agent Orange's debut, Living in Darkness, containing "Bloodstains", an extreme sports anthem covered by many alternative rock groups (the most notable being the Offspring in 2000 on the Ready to Rumble film soundtrack).

Posh Boy continued releasing records into the 2000s, the most recent vinyl release being a 7" by the Willowz of Anaheim, California in 2003. Subsequently, the label transitioned to being digital only with over 700 recordings released digitally, and to subLicense vinyl, compact disc and audio cassette rights to other labels, notably Drastic Plastic (USA) and Radiation Records (Italy).

More recently, the label entered into a licensing agreement with Netflix for use of its extensive back catalog. Stranger Things 2 has used music by Posh Boy acts Channel 3 and Ill Repute. Channel 3 were also featured in the inaugural season of White Famous on Showtime. The label's most recent signing is Scottish band The Moon Kids.


Year Artist Title Format Type Catalog #
1978 F-Word! "Shut Down" 7" live single PBS 1
1978 F-Word! Like It or Not Live LP live album PBS 101
1979 Simpletones "California" 7" single PBS 3
1979 Rik L Rik "Meat House" 7" single PBS 4
1979 various artists Beach Blvd LP compilation album PBS 102
1980 various artists The Siren LP compilation album PBS 103
1980 various artists Rodney on the ROQ LP compilation album PBS 106
1980 Red Cross Red Cross 12" EP PBS 1010
1981 391 391 12" EP PBS 1017
1981 various artists Rodney on the ROQ - Volume 2 LP compilation album PBS 123
1981 Agent Orange "Everything Turns Grey" 7" single PBS 12
1981 Black Flag "Louie Louie" 7" single PBS 13
Bron Area "You Would Be Amazed" 7" single PBS 16
The Buddy System "Read My Lips" 7" single PBS 35
1981 U.X.A. Illusions of Grandeur LP studio album PBS 104
1982 Gothic Hut self titled LP studio album PBS 143
1982 Baby Buddha Music for Teenage Sex LP studio album PBS 114
1981 various artists The Future Looks Bright Ahead CS compilation album PBC 120
1981 Agent Orange Living in Darkness LP, CD studio album PBS 122
various artists Punk and Disorderly LP, CD compilation album PBS 131
1982 Agent Orange Bitchin' Summer 12" EP PBS 1037
1982 Symbol Six Symbol Six 12" EP PBS 1030
1982 various artists Posh Hits Vol. 1 LP compilation album PBS 8138
The Buddy System The Buddy System LP studio album PBS 8149
1982 various artists Rodney on the ROQ Vol. III LP compilation album PBS 140
1987 various artists The Future Looks Brighter LP, CD compilation album PBS 120, PBCD 120
1991 various artists History of Rik L Rik LP 3-LP box set PBS 88101
1991 various artists The Posh E.P.s Vol. 1 12" 3-EP box set PBS 88111
1989 various artists The Best of Rodney on the ROQ CD compilation album PBCD 88155
1990 various artists Posh Boy • The Singles Vol. One LP compilation album
various artists The Posh Boy Story (More or Less) CD compilation album PBCD 8160
Tatjana Balazs The Complete Etudes – Chopin CD studio album PBCD 8161
various artists Rikk Agnew: Smash Demos Vol. II CD compilation album PBCD 8163
1990 Adolescents "Amoeba" 7" single PBS 6
1990 Agent Orange "Eldorado" 7" single PBS 30

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