Prince Nayef bin Abdullah

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Prince Nayef
Regent of Jordan
Naif bin Abdullah.jpg
Naif bin Abdullah in the Coronation of Abdullah I of Jordan, Amman, 1946
Born14 November 1914
Ta'if, Saudi Arabia
Died12 October 1983(1983-10-12) (aged 68)
Amman, Jordan
Royal Mausoleum, Raghadan Palace
SpouseMihrimah Sultan
IssuePrince Ali bin Nayef
Prince Asem bin Nayef
FatherAbdullah I of Jordan
MotherSuzdil Khanum

Prince Nayef bin Abdullah (14 November 1914 – 12 October 1983)[1] was the youngest son of King Abdullah I of Jordan and his second wife, Suzdil Khanum.

Nayef attended Victoria College in Cairo. He became regent of Jordan on 20 July 1951, following the assassination of Abdullah, because his brother, King Talal, was reportedly suffering from poor health. Nayef ruled in his older brother's stead until 6 September 1951, when Talal was judged fit to assume his royal duties. Nayef died in Jordan on 12 October 1983.