Prizes of Ukraine in Literature

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Prizes of Ukraine in Literature (Ukrainian: Літературні Премії України) is a material or honorary encouragement of writer or authors in Ukraine for achievements in various genres of literature.

  • Shevchenko National Prize
  • Maksym Rylsky Prize
  • Pavlo Tychyna Prize
  • Republican Prize in a field of literary-fiction critic
  • Lesya Ukrainka Prize
  • Nikolai Ostrovsky Prize of the Lenin's Komsomol of Ukraine
  • Yaroslav Hadan Republican Prize in a field of journalism
  • Andriy Holovko Prize
  • Yuriy Yanovsky Prize
  • Ivan Franko Prize
  • Pavlo Usenko Prize of the Molod Publishing
  • Oleksandr Kopylenko Prize of the Barvinok magazine
  • Vasyl Stus Prize
  • Kobzar Literary Award

Further reading[edit]

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