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Pu Cunxin
Voa chinese Pu Cunxin 10jan10.jpg
Pu at an AIDS awareness event in 2010
Background information
Chinese name
Pinyin Pǔ Cúnxīn (Mandarin)
Jyutping Buk6 Cyun4jan1 (Cantonese)
Born (1953-07-31) 31 July 1953 (age 64)
Beijing, China
Occupation Actor
Years active 1986 - present
Spouse(s) Wan Ping (1981 - present)
Ancestry Lishui, Jiangsu

Pu Cunxin (Chinese: 濮存昕; born 31 July 1953), also known as Pu Quanxin, is a Chinese actor who has served as Chairman of China Theatre Association since July 2015.[1] He is or was a member of the Beijing Experimental Theater Troupe.[2]


Pu had a rough childhood. He could not walk normally because he had poliomyelitis when he was 2 year old. Pu's classmates always made fun of him, called him "Pu cripple". At the age of 9, Pu received a surgery for his leg, enabling him to walk normally. He was sad about his nickname, but he never gave up on his life or blamed anyone, he worked hard on everything to prove that he was as good as his peers. He said, "I can walk normally without walking stick after 9 years old. I wanted to leave the school as soon as possible so that none can ever call me 'Pu Cripple'. It was obvious hurts me. But the most important thing is I have to face myself, now I can run and play basketball just like others." [3] The reason he became an actor is because of his father. Pu' father (Su min, Chinese name: 苏民) was a famous actor in Beijing. Pu always followed his father to the theater for his performances. Pu fell in love with acting day by day, eventually becoming an actor himself.[4]


Pu wrote an autobiography in 2008 called “I know where the light is” (Chinese: 我知道光在哪里) In the autobiography, he wrote 3 session about his childhood, how he became an actor, and after he became an actor.[citation needed]


Pu is also a philanthropist. In 2002, he received a reward from Moving China (a program held by China Central Television annually) as one of the persons who most inspired China during that year, because he has made great contribution to AIDS prevention.[5] Pu founded "Pu Cunxin Loving fund" to help children in poor areas receive education and/or medical treatment.[6] In 2013, he donated blood for the 11th time at the age of 60.[7]



Year English Title Original Title Role
1991 Bell of Purity Temple 清涼寺的鐘聲 Master Mingjing
1993 The Blue Kite 藍風箏 Lin Shaolong
1998 Shower 洗澡 Liu Daming
1999 Agreed Not to Separate 說好不分手 Teng Yuanfeng
2005 A Bright Moon 一輪明月 Master Hongyi
Lu Xun 魯迅 Lu Xun
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國之見龍卸甲 Zhuge Liang
2011 Love for Life 最爱
2014 The Galaxy on Earth 天河


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