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Wu Xiubo
Born (1968-09-05) 5 September 1968 (age 50)
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
Years active1988–present
AgentFWS (喜天影视文化(北京)有限公司)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Wu Xiubo (Chinese: 吴秀波; pinyin: Wú Xiù Bō, born 5 September 1968), is a Chinese actor, musician and producer. He is most widely known as Xinjie Liu, the protagonist in the television series Before the Dawn, for which he received several awards.

Early life[edit]

Wu was born and raised in Beijing, China. His mother is a pharmacist, and his father, who died in 2007, was a diplomat.[1] Wu Xiubo has one older step-brother who is a physicist.

As a teenager, Wu became involved in the arts, particularly painting, drawing, poetry, and singing. In 1984, he enrolled at Central Academy of Drama at the age of 17, from which he graduated in 1987. As a young man, he worked an assortment of jobs, running a restaurant and clothing shop and even working as a resident singer, among other things. Wu joked that he has worked 200 different jobs just to make a living. He also joined a state-owned theater company but found the life routine tedious.[2]


In 2002, Wu was encouraged to return to acting with the help and recommendation of a childhood friend Liu Bei.[2] He made his television drama debut as a detective in the series Crime Investigate at the end of 2002.

Wu first drew attention for his performance in the war drama Sword & Spy, which won him the Most Popular Actor award at the TVS Award Ceremony.[3]

He rose to fame in 2010 when his role as an undercover Communist Party member in hit spy drama Before Dawn became a household name.[4] The same year, he starred in the historical drama The Case of an Orphan named Zhao, written based on true events during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 AD) where Cheng (played by Wu) rescues an orphan from the Zhao family and saves him from assassination. Wu was nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Actor.[5]

In 2012, he starred in the hit medical drama Angel Heart, based on best-selling writer Liu Liu's novel about problems in doctor-patient relationships in China.[6]

In 2013, he starred in the romantic comedy film Finding Mr. Right alongside Tang Wei, which was a box office hit and Wu became famous across China as the country's "stylish uncle".[7]

His success continued in 2014 when he starred in Divorce Lawyer, a hit legal drama, where Wu played a divorce lawyer trying to adjust to his new life after his wife's betrayal and the loss of his divorce case.[8] The same year, he starred in the A Civic Yuppie in Countryside, a rural drama about an urban official's experiences in rural China. The drama was praised for its intricate plot, realistic touch and vivid characters and became a ratings hit in China.[9] Wu won the Outstanding Actor award at the Flying Apsaras Awards for his performance.

Wu also starred in the musical television series My Youth High Eight Degrees, playing a club director who leads a gang of misfits with hidden musical talents, whipping them into shape and competing in the national choir competition. Despite achieving stellar ratings, the show was slammed for plagiarism accusations.[10]

In 2015, Wu starred in the historical drama Tumultuous Times Scholar, which focuses on the vicissitudes of a traditional Chinese family of scholars.[11]

Wu and Tang then teamed up again to film the sequel of Finding Mr. Right, titled Book of Love (2016).[12] Book of Love was a huge commercial success and became the highest grossing Chinese romantic film of all time.[13]

In 2017, Wu played Sima Yi in the historical drama The Advisors Alliance. The series was a hit and received high praise for its plot, cinematography and performance of the cast.[14]

In 2018, Wu will star alongside Angelababy in the urban drama City of Desire, about two people of different world helping each other out of their battle with depression.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Wu married in 2002 when he was 34. He and his wife live in Beijing with their two sons Hanhan (born 2003) and Xiaoyu (born 2007).[1] Wu is an avid billiards enthusiast.

In 2011, Wu was awarded at the Culture China Award ceremony hosted by the Oriental Morning Post for his outstanding contributions to the Chinese culture in the past 10 years.[16] In 2012, he was awarded the 2012 China Youth Leader Awards organized by the Guangzhou-based magazine Southern People Weekly, which identifies and recognizes model youths who excel or inspire their peers to make contributions to society.[17]

In 2014, PETA named him as Asia's Sexiest Male Vegetarian Celebrity.[18]

In 2017, Wu was appointed Tourism Australia's Ambassador for the 2017 China-Australia Year of Tourism.[19]

In September 2018, Chinese actress Chen Yulin (Ruby) declared on her social media account that she had been in a seven-year relationship with Wu. In January 2019, Chen's parents revealed that their daughter had been arrested by the police for blackmailing Wu, resulting in Wu receiving much flak for his "un-gentlemanly" handling of the affair. [20][21]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1988 Gold Shoes 金鞋 Guo Fuhen
2005 The Spirit of Nu River 怒江魂 Zeng Lama
2011 Caesar 恺撒 Kaisan [22]
2012 People Mountain People Sea 人山人海 Xiao Qiang [23]
2012 The Four 四大名捕 An Shiqiu [24]
2012 Love Caused Deficiency 因情圆缺 Wu You Short film[25]
2013 Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅图 Frank
2013 The Four II 四大名捕2 An Shiqiu [26]
2014 The Four III 四大名捕3 An Shiqiu Cameo
2016 Book of Love 北京遇上西雅图之不二情书 Daniel
2017 Sky Hunter 空天猎 Lu Guoqiang [27]
2018 The Faces of My Gene 祖宗十九代 Mei Qiantu [28]
TBA A Boyfriend for My Girlfriend 情圣2 [29]

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2002 蓝色较量 Jin Yu Cameo
2003 Heave Bird 天堂鸟 Jun Tao Cameo
2003 Emphasis Detect 立案侦查 Hong Wu Also soundtrack composer
2005 军人机密 Sima Tong Cameo
2005 非常道 Lv Tianzhuo Also executive producer
2005 Catching Snake 捕蛇行动 Yang Tao [30]
2005 阳光下的冰器 Guo Fei
2005 离婚进行时 Wang Wei Also planner
2006 Redaction Hero Tiger Courage 新英雄虎胆 Zheng Haotian [31]
2006 玉碎 Xiaoye Yilang [32]
2006 29 and a Half Days 29天半 Pan Yeshi [33]
2006 道可道 Luo Yi Also executive producer and musical composer[34]
2007 Tracing All 追查到底 Qian Haiyang [35]
2008 Behind the Femininity 温柔的背后 Jiang Chengyun
2008 A Poem For the Oak 相思树 Kang Kai [36]
2008 Brothers 兄弟门 Jin Shan [37]
2008 My Depraved Brother 义本同心 Xiang Fei [38]
2009 Parted Lives, Never Parted Love 天涯咫尺 Liu Jin Cameo[39]
2009 Marriage in a Coma 昏迷不醒 Ding Shaofeng [40]
2009 Sword & Spy 剑谍 Fang Tao [41]
2009 The Wedding 嫁衣 Jiao Yang [42]
2009 Invincible Love 大爱无敌 Xie Yongkang [43]
2010 Snow Leopard 雪豹 Xu Bowen [44]
2010 Shanghai Shanghai 上海,上海 Gu Yecheng [45]
2010 Before Dawn 黎明之前 Liu Xinjie
2010 Fire 追捕 Liu Tianshu [46]
2010 Brother's Happiness 老大的幸福 Policeman Yang Cameo
2010 留神 Jake Cameo
2010 Happy Memories of the Mas 老马家的幸福往事 Huang Aiguo Cameo[47]
2011 青盲 Situ Hui [48]
2011 Please Forgive Me 请你原谅我 Xu Tian [49]
2012 The Four 新四大名捕 Zhou Moru Cameo[50]
2012 Angel Heart 心术 Huo Siyuan
2012 Master Lin Is At Seoul 林师傅在首尔 Nangong Lie Cameo[51]
2013 The Case of an Orphan Named Zhao 趙氏孤兒案 Cheng Ying
2013 The Patriot Yue Fei 精忠岳飞 Gao Chong Cameo[52]
2013 Mop Lady's Spring 抹布女也有春天 CEO Wang Cameo[53]
2014 Exceedingly High Road 大道通天 Zeng Tianjiao [54]
2014 My Youth Octave 我的青春高八度 Xiao Wen
2014 Divorce Lawyers 离婚律师 Chi Donghai
2014 Marriage Secret 结婚的秘密 Jiang Bo Cameo[55]
2014 Wan's Home Treasure 万家有宝 Wan Tianhe Cameo
2014 A Civic Yuppie in Countryside 马向阳下乡记 Ma Xiangyang
2014 Strange Coffee 怪咖啡 Cameo[56]
2015 Tumultuous Times Scholar 乱世书香 Lu Shibai
2015 山河同在 Zhang Zuolin Cameo[57]
2017 The Advisors Alliance 军师联盟 Sima Yi
2018 The Drug Hunter 猎毒人 Lu Feiyun Cameo[58]
2019 City of Desire 渴望生活 Jiang Nianhua
2019 Spy Hunter 天衣无缝 Editor Zhao Cameo[59]
2019 The Unknown Detective 无名侦探 Ceng Mou [60]



Year English title Chinese title
2000 Love Battle 爱之战


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes
2000 "Can't Catch You" 抓不住的你 Heaven Bird OST
2001 "You Are The Lover I'm Most Sorry To" 你是我最对不起的情人 Dui Ji Gan Qing OST with Liu Pei
2002 "Let's Go Let's Go" 走就走吧 Emphasis Detect OST
2004 "Keep the Innocence 保留纯真 Bing Qi OST
2008 "Slowly" 慢慢来 A Poem For The Oak OST

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2011 6th Huading Awards Best Actor Before Dawn Won [61]
17th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actor Nominated
Most Popular Actor Won [62]
2012 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actor Won
9th China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival Best Performing Arts Actor Won [63]
2013 12th Sichuan Television Festival Best Actor Nominated
19th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actor The Case of an Orphan named Zhao Nominated
5th China Image Film Festival Best Actor Finding Mr. Right Nominated
4th New York Chinese Film Festival Outstanding Asian Artist Award Won [64]
10th Guangzhou Student Film Festival Favorite Character Won [65]
2014 5th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actor Nominated
21st Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actor Nominated
32nd Hundred Flowers Awards Best Actor Nominated
14th Huabiao Awards Outstanding Actor Nominated
42nd International Emmy Award Best Actor The Case of an Orphan named Zhao Nominated [5]
2015 21st Shanghai Television Festival Best Actor A Civic Yuppie in Countryside Nominated
30th Flying Apsaras Awards Outstanding Actor Won [66]
15th Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award Finding Mr. Right Won [67]
2016 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actor A Civic Yuppie in Countryside Nominated
2017 13th Chinese American Film & TV Festival Best Actor The Advisors Alliance Won [68]
2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards Best Actor (Web series) Won [69]
8th Macau International Television Festival Best Actor Nominated [70]
2018 24th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actor Nominated [71]


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