Puente de Ixtla

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Church in Puente de Ixtla

Puente de Ixtla is a city in the Mexican state of Morelos. It stands at 18°37′01″N 99°19′23″W / 18.617°N 99.323°W / 18.617; -99.323. The city serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name. The municipality reported inhabitants 54,149 in the year 2000 census.


Puente de Ixtla belonged to the seigniory of Cuernavaca and was thus tributary of the Aztecas. The village became a place of required passage for the caravans active of Acapulco to Mexico City. With the creation of the Morelos in 1869, Puente de Ixtla was one of the already existing municipios . July 12, 1871: annexation of the villages of Xoxocotla, Tehuixtla and of the hacienda of San Jose Vista Hermosa; later, Xoxocotla was attached to the municipio Jojutla. Between 1913 and 1914 the population of Puente de Ixtla was evacuated because of Revolution, one of the marks of the revolution is missing in the belfry of the Church of San Mateo which was collapsed by a cannonball.

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