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Pushpa Lal Shrestha (Nepali: पुष्पलाल श्रेष्ठ) (1924 – 22 July 1978) was the founding general secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal as well as the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Pushpa Lal).

Born in 1924, Pushpa Lal grew up to play a large role in the early years of the Communist Party of Nepal, becoming its first general secretary. The party split in 1962, he followed the radical sector led by Tulsi Lal Amatya in forming a separate Communist Party. The 3rd congress of the party held in 1962 declared that Tulsi Lal and Pushpa Lal would share the central leadership responsibilities.

In 1968, however, as the Sino-Soviet split intensified, and the power sharing agreement with Tulsi Lal Amatya was failing, he left with a largely Maoist contingent to form the Communist Party of Nepal (Pushpa Lal). Pushpa Lal maintained the leadership of the party until his death in 1978. His funeral was attended by many and he has since become an inspiration for other Communists, such as Prachanda.

Pushpalal Memorial College[edit]

Pushpalal memorial college is one of the best college in Kathmandu valley run by the profound academician in the name of the leader of Nepal communist movement late Pushpalal Shrestha. This college is located in the beautiful premises of Kathmandu valley. it offers quality education in affordable fees. From the academic year 073/074, it is running with a science faculty along with its decade-long academic program on humanities, education, and management. furthermore, the college (PLMC) is popular for the sound academic environment and project-based teaching, nurtured by young academicians. Under the management of the college different subjects are taught. Education, Management, and humanities/BSW are core area of university education at PLMC.

Though it is a private college students can get the benefit of affordable fees at thhis college located at the beautiful premises of Kathmandu Valley, Chabahil.

Student-centered teaching learning activities, extracurricular work and project- and task-based teaching are used.

Shambhu Adhikari[edit]

Sambhu Adhikari is the principal of the college. Now, he is the PhD fellow from the Singhania University, India.